14  |  HBAdvantage January 2018 marked a significant turning point for the HBA. Having completed months of design work, pilot testing with volunteers across the organization to capture and implement feedback, the HBA went live with a new operating model for our volunteer leader community. The new model is designed to truly maximize the HBA’s unique value proposition which provides real-world, real-time professional development opportunities. The HBA now has leadership positions at the local, regional and global level; positions which focus on a specific area of expertise (e.g. marketing), as well as those which work across multiple disci- plines. There are also opportunities for volunteers to engage in longer-term strategic thinking, as well as more immediate and tactical delivery of programs, member outreach and recognition. At first glance, our new design looks fairly complicated, but it is built on three simple member-centric fundamental principles: One Provide more opportunities for more members to participate in the operations of the HBA with roles that meet their needs, are manageable and fulfilling. Two Provide greater access to the HBA’s valuable network and professional development opportunities to more members in more locations, including inside their own company. Three Extend the reach of the HBA by opening up more chapters and access to our affinity groups (more content regarding affinity groups can be found on page 10). “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” Changes are difficult. Organizational changes at work are challenging. Enterprise-wide changes in an association for which you volunteer can be extremely frustrating, but our leaders graciously rose to the occasion. HBANow We’veCome aLong WayBaby INCLUSION  |  PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT  |  BUSINESS GROWTH  |  RADICAL HOSPITALITY