32  |  HBAdvantage Joining other prominent award recipients at the HBA’s annual Woman of the Year event, Nick Colucci, executive chairman and former CEO of Publicis Health, the largest healthcare communications network in the world, was honored as the HBA’s 2018 Honorable Mentor. Created in 2001, the award recognizes an individual who demonstrates long- term support for the advancement of women in the healthcare industry, has a personal dedication to developing, mentoring and promoting women in the industry, and who has been supportive of the HBA’s goals. “It’s male ally leaders and mentors like Nick Colucci who have given women, like me and so many of my colleagues, the chance to truly wrestle with the tough questions that we aren’t often asked,” said Alexandra Von Plato, CEO, Publicis Health, and 2017 HBA Luminary. “Nick’s commitment to unleashing the ambitions of talent has created a diaspora of women leaders reshaping healthcare: women leading networks, agencies, franchises and brands.” During Colucci’s tenure as Publicis CEO, he success- fully advanced gender parity initiatives by building a leadership team with a majority of women serving in key and influential roles. He has been recognized as one of PharmaVOICE’s “100 Most Inspiring People” three times and was recently recognized with the publication’s inaugural Red Jacket Award, which acknowledges leaders who inspire the life sciences industry. Colucci is frequently cited as an outspoken advocate for workplace inclusion sharing his expertise not only to industry audiences, but to broader business and media audiences through bylined articles and community outreach. “I believe people don’t work for companies, people work for and with other people. Corporate policies against discrimination and harassment can only go so far. A company’s core values written on its walls matter less than the behaviors of the people walking the halls,” said Colucci when accepting the award. “There may have been a time when an organization could say one thing, but behave in an entirely dif- ferent way. No more! And if actions matter, I’ll also argue that silence and inaction matter just as much.” “Today, more than ever, we can see that what is not being said, sometimes for years, speaks volumes and can explode in a most poignant manner. Thanks to the growing chorus of brave, powerful and righteous voices, we are at a time of real and meaningful change. Seize the moment, add your voice to the chorus, because now’s the time to be that unstoppa- ble united force for change,” Colucci said. NICK COLUCCI OF PUBLICIS HEALTH RECEIVES HBA’S HONORABLE MENTOR AWARD Nick Colucci with HBA’s President and CEO Laurie Cooke INCLUSION  |  PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT  |  BUSINESS GROWTH  |  RADICAL HOSPITALITY