22  |  HBAdvantage SESSION HIGHLIGHTS Male executives shared personal experiences about their own evolution into a gender parity champion. These industry thought leaders also exchanged perspectives on the role and importance of best practices, and seasoned expertise on effective advocacy and sponsorship of women. THE PROFILE OF A CHAMPION DISCUSSION AND EXCHANGE PANELISTS Nick Colucci, executive chairman, Publicis Health, and COO, Publicis Communications North America, Publicis Health  |  Joe DePinto, president, Specialty Solutions, Cardinal Health  |  Brian Goff, chief commercial officer, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  |  Viq Pervaaz, principal, Ernst & Young’s People Advisory Services This interactive workshop focused on the opportunities and behaviors which create an optimal work environment touching on overt and subtle (unconscious) bias in the workplace; recognizing and disrupting gender related impediments; and becoming a champion and change agent for gender diversity. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE WORKSHOP: PARTNERING TO BALANCE WORKPLACE POWER SPEAKER Denise Hummel, founder and chief innovation officer of Lead Inclusively, Inc. This session with contemporary thought leaders offered a new take on mentoring and sponsoring including “reciprocal mentoring” a partnership in which men and women play complementary roles leading to career and personal development for both parties. The experts shared that these innovative relationships ultimately lead to greater gender equality in the workplace. EFFECTIVE AND RECIPROCAL MALE-FEMALE MENTORING AND SPONSORSHIPS DISCUSSION SPEAKERS W. Brad Johnson, PhD, professor of psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law at the United States Naval Academy  David Smith, PhD, professor of sociology in the Department of National Security Affairs at the United States Naval War College WORKSHOPS AND DISCUSSIONS INCLUSION  |  PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT  |  BUSINESS GROWTH  |  RADICAL HOSPITALITY