Summer 2018  |  19 “Asolitaryfantasycan transformamillionrealities.” MayaAngelou Benchmarking (Spring) Annual collection and analysis of company data and employee perception which feed industry and company performance and tracking; with and through McKinsey & Company GENDER PARITY COLLABORATIVE Great progress has been made by fortifying the talent pool of leader-ready women, but there is still room for improvement—to accelerate change and deliver greater benefits for all stakeholders in our industry. The Collaborative is designed to join forces, take action and bring the best strategies and solutions to enable breakthrough transformation. Unique differentiators of this program include: Significant data and benchmarking focus— in agreement with McKinsey & Company, the global thought leaders in the gender equality space Industry specific and relevant knowledge sharing and proven solutions forums Accountability for action across all member companies Member companies will have exclusive access to industry-wide performance benchmarks, invitations to solution summits, awards and public recognition. For more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss the Gender Parity Collaborative’s benefits, please contact us at  Opportunities for Visibility, PR and Engagement Gender Parity Council (Fall) Closed-door meeting with founding members to define strategic priorities to transform the industry, achieve gender parity faster and ultimately accelerate better business results Solution Summits (Winter and Summer) An exclusive marketplace for committed leaders from all collaborative member companies, where proven solutions are presented and evaluated for company specific decision-making