Summer 2018  |  21 COMPANIES ATTENDED 35 companies from across the healthcare and life sciences industry attended. PEOPLE ATTENDED 90 attendees; forty-five percent VP and above; sixty-five percent women, thirty-five percent men. 35 90 WHAT IS 3BC? HBA’s Building Better Business Connections (3BC) is a community of executive leaders from HBA’s corporate partner organizations established to create engaging and effective forums focused on the organizational transformation opportunities for advancing the impact and influence of industry leaders and leadership. OUR CORE PURPOSE Our collective vision views advancing more women into leadership positions as a huge business opportunity. We know that companies with female representation in their senior levels perform better than their peers finan- cially, are more innovative and have better employee retention. Increased male advocacy and sponsorship is a proven strategy to accelerate these opportunities. OUR CORE FOCUS Driven by our purpose, the HBA’s 2018 3BC event focused on the critical role men have in accelerating the advancement of women, which ultimately leads to improved business results, innovation and retention.