Summer 2018  |  7 ROXANNE P. ESTELA  |  Congratulations Roxanne Estela who earlier this year joined the united force for change and became the HBA’s 10,000th active member. Roxanne is a senior associate in regulatory affairs for Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly, and earned one of the corporate partner memberships that the company offers to employees. As a member of the HBA Indianapolis chapter, she looks forward to attending local chapter events and possibly even pursuing a chapter leadership position. Roxanne said, “I am very excited for the unique opportunities the HBA offers to grow my skill set and to network with other women in the healthcare sector.” Earlier this year, the HBA hosted their annual Woman of the Year event welcoming more than 2,200 people to the birthplace of the HBA, New York City, and recognized the outstanding achievements of more than 100 remarkable women and men. 2018 AND BEYOND Today the HBA is a global organization with 42 chapters and affiliates worldwide. Our recent growth only reinforces the significant role women have in bettering the industry through connecting, mentoring and building each other up. With the help of the HBA’s mission, there has been a realization that this is not a job for women alone to take on—it’s also men and organizations. And, while great strides have been made in closing the gender parity gap, there is still much more to be done. ENACTING CHANGE TOGETHER Sitting down at that table 41 years ago, not one of the founding members could have imagined that the HBA would have had this much success in supporting and fostering the growth of women in the healthcare and life sciences fields. Some 93 percent of engaged HBA members report their HBA involvement has had a direct and positive impact on their careers. Of those reporting career advancement, more than half have been promoted and felt that the HBA gave them the opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills to their employers. By taking focused action, the HBA has created a powerful movement that directly drives profes- sional opportunity and corporate growth. The HBA realized early on that joining forces does more than unite individuals; it strengthens the business of healthcare. The path to gender parity is together, as one united force.  ELI LILLY LIAISON  |  Eli Lilly has been a dedicated supporter in the fight for gender parity. As an HBA corporate partner, they have demonstrated their leadership in the healthcare community by acknowledging the importance of women leaders and the investment they have in their success. This year, in an effort to increase HBA membership amongst its employees, Eli Lilly sponsored an additional 100 memberships. Soomin Park, managing director, Lilly Chorus at Eli Lilly, and also the HBA ambassador for the company said, “This milestone is meaningful for both of our organizations and is something that should be celebrated. The fact that the 10,000th member happens to be a Lilly employee shows our commitment and effort towards diversity and inclusion as part of the gender parity initiative. We’re very excited.”