b'Gender Parity Collaborative Gender Parity CollaborativeMember Spotlights VisibilityFrom media placements as a result of HBA outreach to mentions via Mary Stutts Collaborative cohort news, the consortium saw greater visibility in 2021. GLOBAL INCLUSION AND HEALTH EQUITY OFFICER, REAL CHEMISTRY Industry conferences and events also provided opportunities to raise awareness and share impact.What impact has the Gender Parity Collaborative had on your organization? Real Chemistrys participation and engagement with the Gender Parity Collaborative was instrumental in our ability to build out a solid diversity, equity, and inclusion foundation. The bestMay 13, 2021,06:47am EDT|30 viewsAccelerating The Pace Of Change InGender Paritypractices and insights sharing, along with real-time/peer-set problem solving, was a true learningJoy BurnfordContributorForbesWomenI write about womens confidence in the workplace.opportunity to us and allowed us to validate the initial strategy we put in place. Our partnership with the Gender Parity Collaborative also gave us the opportunity to share our own data analytics/research insights to help inform Collaborative member strategies, as well as the HBAs annual strategy.GETYIn the traditionally male-dominated world of healthcare, one organization is takingpragmatic steps to bring together the brightest and sharpest thinkers to bring aboutgender parity.What are your organizations current ambitions around gender parity or DE&I between now andYoBeuccra W Sezekkultya kGuide To The World Of Venture Capital with Alex Konrad andthe next 10 years? Julie Ross, Advanced Clinical, featured on EMGDevray Kirkland, Cardinal Health, NicolaFen ee atdu rtoin gk neoxwcl.u Tsrivye t hines figirhstts t hfrroeme- twheee Mksid faosrLfriesetc($o1m4.m99u npietrymono nththesthtearrteuapftse ra)n. dN ofu cnrdesd iytoucard required today.Enter e-mail address Sign UpGold Podcast, Sept. 2021 Greenway, Takeda, and Adam Dubow, You may opt out any time. Terms and Conditions and Privacy PolicyAt Real Chemistry, we launched Inclusive Leadership workshops that prepare leaders at everyLaurie Cooke is President and CEO of the Healthcare Businesswomens Association(HBA), a global nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and organizations fromBristol Myers Squibb, featured as across the healthcare industry.level of the organization to model inclusive leadership behaviors that support, engage, andAs a dedicated advocate for gender parity,Cooke has served in senior roles in companiespanelists with HBA CEO Susan M. OConnor and across the globe. As such, she hasempower the workforce of the future, which will be multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi- witnessed very real differences inorganizational culture and gender behaviors.at Health Connect South, Fall 2021 Laurie Cooke HBA Realization Of CulturalAnd Genderlifestyle, and multi-gender. The goal is to recognize positive and negative paternal and maternalDifferenceRecently moved to the U.K., Cooke knew, backin the day, that different cultural environments needed careful navigation. Cooke expands:leadership styles and help leaders understand why both styles are critical to the success ofCulturally, being from the U.S., I was overly energetic and enthusiastic compared to myU.K. colleagues. And thats great to be. However, I didnt know about the need tounderstand how things get done at work; how to find the route through the organization.the organization. Men and women have different approaches to leadership, and it is critical forMORE FOR YOUThe Worlds Most Inuential CMOs 2020: Resolute Leadership In Transformative TimesImproving Resilience: A Simple Prescriptionorganizations to value and nurture both styles to ensure innovation, productivity, and growthCollaborativeFrom Macys To Delta, These Were The Biggest CFO Shakeups Of 2020Alongside this was Cookes own immense desire to please, to be valuable and to be useful.objectives are achieved. mentioned inI would take on anything asked of meand volunteer for the rest. I was a great resourcefor the bosses but I never spoke up and said what I wanted and needed in return. And noone asked. I simply took on more.Ragans WorkplaceLooking back, this lack of voice wasand still iscommon in women. With no female rolemodels at the time, Cooke is not surprised she behaved as she did.On the other hand, men were more comfortable with and confident in the internalWellness Insider,workings of firms. The qualities held up and admired were what we today view as moremasculine traits: good leadership was what we now refer to as male leadership. Empathywas not a core trait of the male leader back then.In your current role, why did you decide to become involved in the Gender Parity Collaborative? March 2021 However, for Cooke, empathy was one of her strengths. However, as she comments now,real leadership skill is balancing empathy with performance clarity. As a leader you needto care, and show you care, but also that you are trying to move the team or an individualforward. This realization has helped male colleagues to now feel able to become moreempathetic.I have championed women in leadership throughout my entire career and have been pleased atSo, what has Cooke learned along the way that she would pass on to younger womentoday?the progress of more women in leadership, women on boards, and advances in pay equityalbeitCollaborative called out much work is still needed to benefit women of color.The negative impact of the pandemic onin Forbes, May 2021women in the workforce is threatening to erase so many of the gains we have achieved over the years.We must evolve our business culture to offer policies that ensure women continue to thrive 26 202120 People T h i i te DR SANDRA HORNING r tion ic.G ALVINE TREMOULET Times of crisis create ER2 T E c change based on sustainab T t t f i i xERT CIYT IINNG TEC ful.People 21469Collaborative promo ads 27in their careers, which is particularly critical for the healthcare industry because women comprise negative experiences. Acknowle positive experiledging the importance of ences while fixing the majority of the workforce. These policies should include more flexible work schedules and theA Discussion on thenew challenges and advancing a diverse group of women as managers, and setting tures more inclusive, together with senior leadership, is keye cul.PANDEMIC AND GENDER PARITYcall for both resilienceexpectations for all managers to makand re-evaluation ofTremoulet: Organisational change starts with building the ough featured in PharmaVOICE,ability to work remotely, ensuring access to greater childcare benefits and paying women moreexisting normsright culture, but it ror leaders, but the middlequires leadership to drive this thre managers who are the our not just seniengine r y company. In 201cell9, Pfizer launched fnew companoom of any values: courage, exear that everence, joy, and equity. CEO from meetings, provided additional benefits for childcareAlbert Bourla has made it cl ything we do, andInsigniam Quarterly and HS&Mequitably so that economic stability for women continues to grow. and, in some cases, paid leaves of absence. Challemote working can enging ourevery decision we take, must be guided by these values.actuall A ATNHCCEAMREE NATN IDNPGHEANRDMERA Cassumptiy lead to grons, researeater inclch showed that rusion for minoritics stres comparesses red with esultedWDHVLTIS AN EXAMPLE OF ANPAEU XITICAL S HET ORS Ain-person meetings. Although the pandemi HOEDAAY?in re-consideration of career for many women, the silver lining is that managers and leaders responded by listening, learning,Horning: Ime eadvent of mRNA vacines is b f wom cerinsi isn o and engaging in proactive conversations about employeesaddres CcOitVedID b-y1 9th pea cnodnetmriibcu ti tohnes h oeaalstehd on the f work life balance and wellor women and men in the workp ing thhl,e career-long work of Katalin Kariko, who is the have a lasting benefit f -being. That development should lace.ao cuenndtuatriyo. nTaThe pandemic provides a rary to work. e opportunity for sustainedr0 igious 2021 Lasker Award and change and a better wa ec2e2n Bt rreeackipthiernotu ogfh t Phrei zper.e Fsteomraizlae tlieoandse orsfaw CerOe VreIsDp-o1n9sible Tremoulet: Mcle to the pandemi for ctihnee fi arnstd e amn earngteinvicrya la.u Atdhditionaly, the 2020 Nobel Prize more vulnerab Kinsey reported that womenc than mens jobs, and that s jobs are 1.8 times although women make up 39% of global employment, theyvnac Colhuetmioinstirsiyn wg apsh sahramreadce buyt itcwalo d wisocmoveenr,y w. Whohsaet w teorrrkifi icsrole revaccount for 54% of overall job l m e minority, women have been disproportionatelosses. So, thery affected overall. We is no doubt that ith Healt2h0c2a0re- 2B0u2s1in Wesoswmoanm eofn tsh Aes YseoacriaHloBbAa Gl Deinvdeersr itPya raintyd C Inocllaubsioorna tLiveea dL,e PafidzeerrEquity being one of our core values, we ensured to constantlyfeomdaellesrfeoprr wesoemnteant!i oWn hoinle B sotialr dws ooeff uDlilrye icnto trhs made maj or check in on our talent, especially those who are parents, andstriduersin a itdheed l absytyleegairs laamtioonng in a lCl awloifmorennia a anndd w ionvmeestno orfsn wd ho The fallout of the pandemic is v caregivers. Wesene also ensurtation of femaled we stuck to the goals we set toao relo dthe mfoalnlodwining gd. iverse boards. This is an important tregender parity. We speak to two industrast, and has ey thought leven extended to the raders to find out how the ealm ofincrease repr es at VP+ by 2025.worpharmaceutical industrove female ry is harnessing the crisis to advepresentation across the sectorance r. ather than derail theirHOWS CCAIONU LSE OAFD,E ARNS RDE CMOAMINM IETDTUEDCA TTOE DG IENN,Dsurcecmesosufulel tp: rFoogrr a10m ymeaer cs,a lPlfiedz eFre hmaasl ien Avespstireidn gin T aa hleinght ilny esmedia mentionsCONmission to impr PATREIRTYN AANL CDU INLTCULRUESSI?ON WITHIN THEIR to develop future female leardoecress.sIN Feuerdobpaec wk hisic cho niss disetesingtnlye doutstanding. Tnhcet isoenleacl tioy ann dp acknowThe first step to parity and inclusion isaims to choose a mix of particiapralnietsrfourf m deidvdelloe psmtaegnetsoanf d Real Chemistrys participation and engagement with theHOW HAS THE COVID-19 PANDEMICTremoulet: The pandemic clearly did not affect everyoneHorning:ledging, understanding, and embracing the diversitygheeoigrr caaprhiecraly, ruosuuaglhl ya i cno tmhbe ienaht iothne o knowledge, skils, and of experiences of womenan umbrella term. Id encouragementorin eg, . tThrovides them wit pHIGAHLTLHIGCAHTREED W AHNEDR EIM GPEANCDTEERD P AARREIATYSHOAF S BEENequally, and studi le, a report by the EU Commissionleaders to co , along with external data, experimenom their t withtoBusinesH of its victims. For exampes have shown that gender equality was oneemployees andllect objective and subjective data fr haotl si nthveeyst n iene wd otmo perno agrree spsr ionv ethne tiorcbaer emeor rpea sthusc.cesHIESTORICALLY LACKING?found that 76% of heale workers in healthcare and social carth services were worke women. So, ers and 86% of personal carHorning: Ddeesrp iptaer ictley,a trh gea dinissp irno hpoeartltioh naantdeerdoluec oatfi wono menthey were disproportiimes of crisis often can ronately affected by worklesult in setbacks to oad challenges toward gen and health risk. TGender Parity Collaborative was instrumental in our ability toinh poruosveihsoioldnorefs cphoinldsicbairleit, yw aans du cnamreagsikveindg b, ye stpheec piaalnlyd einmpositive progress. th eTihgeh 2li0g2h1t eMdc tKhiants weyo mrepenoorate levels, but there continuesHOW HAS THE PHNARDMEDA TCOEU TTHICE APAL NDEMICS stroenpr Wesoemnteant ioinnthhaes W imorpkrpolvaecdebuild out a solid diversity, equity, and inclusion foundation. tn o cbree msiegnntifailclay nattdalisl pcaorripties for womeeyno nodfcfoolro aulrwanomdINDEURSCTURSYS RIOESNPSO FOR ITS FEMALE WORKFORCE?681million readership reachREPHorning: Times of crisis create new challenges and call athteri rtieosnpo ant slp h etdo addres th eveilc ba ddri for both re m thanea pgaenr dlemesea annrb aenr sa, wwahkiechn imngu stotbseo cial en.Pharmaceutiesilical companience and re-evales listened to their empuation of existing norms. loyees needs onvjeursctoicmee h teo achieve a robust pipeline and parity at the top.and created highly flexible work agreements, protected time MARY STUTTS Alvine Tremoulet, Pfizer, featured in EMG Gold publication, Fall 2021For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org'