b'Gender Parity CollaborativeMember SpotlightsAdam Dubow Devray KirklandSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, CHIEF COMPLIANCE AND ETHICS OFFICER,CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER, CARDINAL HEALTHBRISTOL MYERS SQUIBBAs one of your organizations leaders, why are you personally committed toWhat makes this consortium unique compared to other initiatives/investments advancing gender parity in the workplace?happening in your own organization?EXCERPTEDOne of the most unique aspects of this group is that all the participants are willing FROM 2020 My commitment to advancing gender parity is twofoldboth personal andto share their ups and downs, triumphs, and failures so that the learnings can help professional.Personally, my wife works full time as a lawyer, and I have twoothers be successful. This work is not easyand continues to be challenging for daughters, one in college and one in high school. Anything that I can do to createso many different reasons, yet the members of the Collaborative remain open and an equitable environment for themand for every other woman in the workplacevulnerable to openly share. The members of this group are not only focused on helpingis critically important. My daughters are confident and outspoken, and whento make their organizations better, but also helping to make society better as well. We they start their careers, I want to ensure those qualities are as valued, appreciatedknow that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution in this work, and that no one person and respected as they would be in a male colleague. Professionally, we know thator organization has all the answers. A critical component in being successful in this a gender-balanced workforce is good for business. Its well-documented thatwork is collaboration, so this group is appropriately named. companies with the most gender-diverse leadership see higher return on sales, generate greater return on investment, and outperform less diverse companies. I want to do everything we can to be successful. Gender parity is an importantWhat impact has the Gender Parity Collaborative had on your organization? component of that success. The Collaborative is a great opportunity to have open and honest dialogue about the gender parity issues that many organizations are facing today. Cardinal Health has How does your participation in the Collaborative complement what you arebenefited most from the focused approach on industry-related challenges while also already doing? being able to scale solutions to the size of your specific organization. Not all of the The Collaborative complements our current initiatives by giving us a forum toorganizations in the Collaborative are in the same places on their DE&I journeys, so being able to have multiple options to consider as you adjust for your businesses share learnings and come together with other leaders who are struggling with thesame issues. The reality is that none of us have all the answers, because if we hadneeds is critical to ensure you are achieving sustainable impact.all the answers, we would have reached gender parity by now. And yet, we stillOne of the most unique aspects of this group is have a long way to go as an industry.Through the Collaborative, were able to learn fromthat all the participants are willing to share their and contribute to a cross-company dialogue on howups and downs, triumphs, and failures so that the we can work together to make the changes needed. learnings can help others be successful.ADAM DUBOW DEVRAY KIRKLAND16 2021 For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org 17'