b'Gender Parity CollaborativeMember SpotlightsRod MacKenziePhD Cecilia McKenneyCHIEF DEVELOPMENT OFFICER SVP AND CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER, AND EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, PFIZER QUEST DIAGNOSTICSAs one of your organizations leaders, why are you personally committed toWhy was it critical for your organization to be involved in the Gender Parity advancing gender parity in the workplace? Collaborative? EXCERPTEDEXCERPTED FROM 2020 As Pfizers Chief Development Officer, I oversee all components of our clinicalFROM 2020 Inclusion inspires innovation, a key company value at Quest Diagnostics. We know development programs, including our global clinical trials. One of our corethat innovation happens through collaboration and experimentation. The Collaborative tenets is that broadening access to clinical trials is a health equity issue. Asprovides a great laboratory for ideas to germinate and be exchanged to accelerate we strive to reduce health disparities in and through clinical research, wegender parity in all the member companies. Participating in the Collaborative is a way also actively work to eliminate disparities in the workplace.Were proud thatfor us to proudly and publicly demonstrate our commitment to gender parity and gain a recent third-party survey confirmed for us that Pfizer has attained parity inaccess to a broad array of resources that helps us act on our goals in a faster and more compensation. Now were focused on parity in opportunity, to open doors toeffective manner.leadership positions for women and underrepresented minorities. I believe that having diverse leadership will help us to better meet the needs of a diverse global patient population. For companies who have yet to join, what do you think theyre missing out on?The Collaborative offers a forum for accelerating change that on your own is very How have you benefited professionally from participating in this consortium? challenging to achieve. Just two years in, this consortium is already demonstrating its impact on participating companies. Seventy-two percent have already observed I have learned and deepened my appreciation of all the complex issuesincreased support for gender parity and nearly half have already attested the associated with achieving gender parity.Most powerful is the testimony ofCollaboration has helped them advance their womens agenda. That said, theres women who have talked to us about their experiences.These are humblingalways more opportunity; the more companies participate, the more representativeand valuable our research, the more impactful our dialogue and the more plentiful our for me.I realize that I had little to no understanding of corporate life as awoman or, even less, as a woman of color.Being informed simply makes meresource of best practices. Its a win/win partnership: you do not want to be left behind.determined to take action.Together we have become stronger and the power ofThe Collaborative provides a great laboratory for the Collaborative is certainly felt within Pfizer. ideas to germinate and be exchanged to accelerate ROD MACKENZIE gender parity in all the member companies.CECILIA MCKENNEY24 2021 For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org 25'