b'Gender Parity CollaborativeMember SpotlightsJulie Ross Mary FinleyPRESIDENT, ADVANCED CLINICAL CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER, ADVANCED CLINICALWhat are some specific wins as a result of your organizations engagementWhat impact has the Gender Parity Collaborative had on your organization? with the Collaborative?Participating in the Gender Parity Collaborative has created many meaningful relationships with Advanced Clinical has begun to both measure gender parity metrics as wellour industry peers who share our commitment to equity and inclusion. We have been inspired by as develop strategies aimed at improving sourcing, recruiting, and promotingthe ideas, successes, and learnings so openly shared by many. Since joining the Collaborative, talent. In addition, we have successfully been navigating the return to workAdvanced Clinical has invested in building allyship both within our company and industrywideand post-pandemic environment effectively, which is demonstrated in our employeewe have also seen an increase in the amount of men who are engaged in gender parity efforts. retention rate of about 94 percent. This success is directly linked to ourFrom Men Advocating Real Change to increased male participation on our Global Womens Council, participation in the Collaborative.we have achieved a greater level of support and advocacy for our gender parity efforts. Where we may have had resistance in the past, there is a greater understanding and appreciation in our organization that gender parity benefits everyone.What impact has the Gender Parity Collaborative had on your organization?The Gender Parity Collaborative has allowed Advanced Clinical to stay on theHow does your involvement in the Collaborative impact your day-to-day role?leading edge of systemic change opportunities and has opened up a network of executive leaders who effectively challenge each other to break down barriersThe Gender Parity Collaborative has been incredibly influential to our People & Culture team and related to achieving gender parity and equity. our Diversity, Engagement, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies. The open idea sharing generated through interactive forums, speakers, and more has sparked many ideas and initiatives for us, and the commitment to data-driven approaches has helped shape our view on how to measure our DEI In your current role, why did you decide to become involved in the Genderand gender parity efforts. Recently, the Collaboratives sessions on how the COVID pandemic and Parity Collaborative and how has it been beneficial to you? the evolution of remote and hybrid work have created both barriers and opportunities for women As an active HBA member, I believe gender parity and equity is critical tohelped us consider changes to programs and policies, as well as create new initiatives that ensure creating a better world. To achieve parity and equity, we have to not only provideour efforts continue to address timely and relevant needs of our workforce.development opportunities that advance women, but we must also address the barriers that women face systemically. Being involved in the Collaborative helpsWhat makes this consortium unique compared to other initiatives/investments happening in your me drive this systemic change in my own company and a personal, resultingMARY FINLEY own organization? benefit is that I now have a new network of like-minded executives passionate about creating this better world. By design, the benefits of focusing on parityThe Collaborative is unique in how expansive the backgrounds and experiences are of all of the and equity for women generates strategic considerations related to all diverseconsortium participants. The learnings are so rich when there are functions, roles, and levels populations. All of this has improved my leadership competencies. represented from across the industry and businesses. This uniqueness comes from having senior 14 2021 The Gender Parity Collaborative has allowed executives, business line leaders, functional experts, human resources, legal, compliance, and15many other functions all working together on common issues. Rather than viewing the big issues and opportunities from a siloed and functional lens, the Collaborative gives us the opportunity to gain perspectives from many points of view. This has allowed the ideas and outcomes to be more nuanced and impactful.Advanced Clinical to stay on the leading edge of systemic change opportunities.JULIE ROSS Since joining the Collaborative, Advanced Clinical has invested in building allyship both within our company and industrywideand we have also seen an increase in the amount of men who are engaged in gender parity efforts.For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org'