b'WOMENS REPRESENTATION IN THE U.S. TALENT PIPELINE (HBA COLLABORATIVE COMPANIES)Gender Parity CollaborativeResults That 56 % 49 % 45 % 42 % 48 % 25 %Measure Up women atwomenwomen senior womenwomenwomen entry level managers managers/directors VPs SVPs C-suite leadersSource: McKinsey & Company 2020 Cohort Report for the HBA. Data as of 1 January, 2020.The HBA Collaborative has nearly achieved equal At the start of 2020, the HBA Collaborative had better representationgender representation at SVP and manager levelsof women in the talent pipeline across every levelfrom entry-level all the way (48 percent and 49 percent respectively).to the C-suitecontinuing to outperform the broader pharmaceutical andmedical product sector and the all-industries average in corporate America.75% WOMENS REPRESENTATION IN THE U.S. TALENT PIPELINE AT THE START OF 2020 1 WOMENS REPRESENTATION IN THE U.S. TALENT PIPELINE 2018-2020 2HBA COLLABORATIVE PHARMA SECTOR ALL INDUSTRIESn=10 companies n=23 companies n=317 companies From entry-level toHBA COLLABORATIVE PHARMA SECTOR director, women aren=11 companies n=23 companieswell represented within HBA Collaborative60%56% companies, averaging 53% 50% representation54%50% 49% across the three levels49% 50% ENTRY- 47% 47% 48% and filling the pipeline50% LEVEL N E M 45% N 49% THROUGH with women to advance49% 47% DIRECTOR42% 42%into leadership roles. E M WO T N E C R E PWO T N E C R E P 38% 40% 38%35% 34% VP33%From 2018 to 2020 at33% THROUGH 32% the VP level and higher,C-SUITE29% 28% HBA Collaborative30%25% 25% 24% companies saw a 27%30% 30%average increase in27%21% womens representation,20%whereas the broader industry saw a 9% average decline. 10%0% Entry Manager .VP SVP C-Suite 0% 2018 2019 2020Sr Manager/DirectorCAREER LEVEL YEAR1Pharma sector and All Industries benchmarks from McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Orgs Women in the Workplace 2020 2HBA analysis of data from McKinsey & Companys Women in the Workplace.2018, 2019, and 2020. 6 2021 Based on data from the start of 2020 and does not reflect changes through 2021. Based on data from the start of each year. Averages are unweighted. For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org 7'