b'Contents3 WELCOME Collaborative Members4 OUR JOURNEY Welcome6 RESULTS THAT MEASURE UP10 ADVANCING WOMEN OF COLOR12 BOLD COMMITMENTS Susan M. OConnor14 MEMBER SPOTLIGHTS CEO, Healthcare Businesswomens Association14 Advanced ClinicalThe HBA Collaborative is an industry-leading healthcare initiative of 15 companies, 16 Bristol Myers Squibb with a collective global workforce of more than half a million people, working together 17 Cardinal Health as a consortium to accelerate gender equality in our workforce. 18 Genentech The HBA is grateful for the network of executive leaders and their companies 19 GlaxoSmithKline committed to:20 Lundbeck Sharing best practices and insights from proprietary company data 21 Parexel Co-creating and implementing solutions that drive systemic change toadvance womens representation23 Pfizer Closing inequity gaps and helping to advance all women further, faster25 Quest Diagnostics26 Real Chemistry In this Insights and Impact 2021 report, we are proud to share the latest results of their exceptional commitment to helping all women in healthcare lead to their full potential.27 COLLABORATIVE VISIBILITYWhile the reports data showcase the milestones these organizations are achieving, it is also worth noting how these companies have driven progress via employee programs and policiesoften at far greater rates than other industries. Heresan advance look:50 percent of Collaborative companies have formal sponsorship programscompared to only 25 percent of all industries80 percent of the Collaborative cohort host career development for womencompared to only 55 percent of all industries75 percent of Collaborative companies host career development forpeople of color opposed to only 37 percent of all industriesWhile these data show positive trends, there is still much progress to be made especially for women of color and cultural ethnicities.The HBA is proud to partner with the Collaborative companies to drive sustainable, systemic changes that advance women for business and healthcare impact now, and into the future.2 2021 For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org 3'