b'Gender Parity CollaborativeBold Commitments to accelerate diversity,JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAREXEL REAL CHEMISTRYinclusion, and health equity Committed $100 million overReleased Discussions on Diversity,Improved internal processes the next five years to invest anda global research report featuringthrough the adoption of tech-promote health equity solutions.patient, academic, and physicianenabled solutions that allowed The COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustices in 2020 catalyzed companies to double down on their efforts to accelerateThe Race to Health Equityvoices highlighting the importancefor better tracking of key data diversity, inclusion, and health equity. Below are examples of how Collaborative companies responded to the call toinitiative prioritizes three keyof diversity and inclusion in(e.g., hiring, compensation, action beyond gender parity throughout 2020 and 2021. These examples include a broad range of internal and externalareas: healthier communities,clinical trials. promotions) and reduced initiatives, showcasing the bold investments Collaborative companies continue to make within their companies, andenduring alliances, and diversepotential bias in job descriptions.and inclusive corporate culture. Approved nine key beyond their walls in the community. recommendations created fromRaised nearly a quarter-million Committed to hiring more diverselisten and learn sessions withdollars as part of NEAR, providing employees and set a goal ofBlack employees globally,two million surgical masks to ADVANCED CLINICAL CARDINAL HEALTH achieving 50 percent growth ofincluding requiring all employeesunderserved communities like its African American talent at theto participate in a diversity, equity,the Navajo Nation, NYC Homeless Launched a new program called Interview SkillsExpanded DE&I efforts with a comprehensive talentmanager and above levels in theand inclusion workshop. Services, and opioid treatment and Bias training for all employees involved in thestrategy to increase representation of diverseU.S., over the next five years. centers.hiring process, ensuring interviews are inclusive andemployees at the manager level and above by 2030.biases related to gender and race are eliminated.Approved DE&I metrics in the companys FY2022LUNDBECK PFIZER SANOFIRequired all current and new employees to completeannual incentive plan at the director level and above, unconscious bias and conscious inclusion training,with a portion of payouts aligned to progress towardSigned onto PhRMAs PrinciplesIn the first half of 2021, PfizersDeveloped a range of resources regardless of their position. long-term representation goals over each programson Conduct of Clinical Trials &medicines and vaccines reachedto support managers and relevant performance periods. Communication of Clinical Trial58 million patients throughother employees in creating Results, the first-ever industryaccess and affordabilitya more inclusive and diverse wide principles on clinical trialprograms. environment, including guides, AMGEN GENENTECH diversity. a playbook, and quarterly In 2020, Pfizer Inc. and The PfizerGlobal Inclusion & Diversity In 2020, the Amgen Safety Net Foundation providedInvested $90 million in 2020Genentechs highestDeveloped an ambitious two- Foundation donated $40 millionInsights forums.nearly $1.5 billion worth of medicines to qualifiedannual contribution to date toward patient support,year diversity and inclusionin medical and charitable cash uninsured or underinsured patients in the U.S., atSTEM education, and health equity programs,plan that enables equality ofgrants and medicines to moreEmbedded Inclusion no cost. including $43 million in giving to support underservedopportunity through fairnessthan 165 partners to supportNudges into HR processes communities. and transparency, promotesCOVID-19 response. to encourage managers to Became a founding member of the OneTen openness, tackles bias andbe inclusive in job interviews, Coalition, an initiative committed to providingIntroduced 2025 Diversity & Inclusion Commitmentsdiscrimination, and fostersperformance evaluations, and family-sustaining jobs, with opportunities forto foster belonging, advance inclusive research andbelonging through Lundbeckcareer development.growth, for one million Black Americans without ahealth equity, and transform society. culture. QUEST DIAGNOSTICSfour-year college degree over the next 10 years. Quest Diagnostics and the Quest MEDIDATA Diagnostics Foundation announcedTAKEDAa $100 million, multiyear initiativeCreated a Center for Health BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB GLAXOSMITHKLINE Conducted educational sessionsto address and reduce healthEquity in the U.S., to build to raise awareness about thedisparities in underservedrelationships and support Launched Tomorrows Innovators, an initiativeAnnounced aspirational targets to further increaseimportance of diversity in clinicalcommunities, including thoseprograms to help address that builds a sustainable bridge for diversegender and ethnic diversity representation in seniortrials at various regional andimpacted by COVID-19. social determinants of health.talent from Historically Black Colleges andleadership. New targets include: global conferences.Universities (HBCUs) to the biopharma industry. Increase female representation in VP level and Hosted inaugural Dialogue on RaceLaunched a DE&I Council with above roles to at least 45 percent by the end of Medidatas Diversity in Clinicalconversation, a virtual employeenine pillars, working to embed BMS and BMS Foundation announced a2025 Trials Steering Committeeevent that aimed to elevate andDE&I practices, policies, and combined commitment of $300 million toIn the U.S., at least 30 percent ethnically diverse created a tool to help studyhonor a critical topic, seek feedbackmetrics across the business in advance health equity and strengthen diversityleaders by the end of 2025 teams monitor progress on trialon a path forward, and spark anan integrated and coordinated and inclusion in the U.S. diversity by comparing clinicalongoing discussion. Its success ledway.In the UK, at least 18 percent ethnically diverse trial participant data against real- to over 60 more conversations with leaders by the end of 2025 world benchmarks. 7,400 employees in 2020. 12 2021 For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org 13'