b'Gender Parity CollaborativeMember SpotlightsPeter Anastasiou Greg RushEXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT & HEAD OF NORTH AMERICA, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, PAREXELLUNDBECKWhy was it critical for your organization to be involved in the Gender ParityAs a CFO, why should companies care about gender equity?Collaborative?First and foremost, companies should always do what is right, regardless EXCERPTED FROM 2020 Gender parity is something Im passionate about and made a priority at Lundbeck.of whether it is profitable or not. Doing what is right produces a better and However, I recognize we cant achieve gender balance in healthcare operating inultimately more profitable organization. If we tap all our talent, we achieve isolation. We need collective focus on the larger environment and collaborative action tothe best results. Alternatively, if we dont do the right thing, this can prove to achieve systemic changes. When were together, we begin to see and shape the possible.be costly resulting in a damaged reputation, loss of key talent, and possible But we also stay grounded in concrete plans and measured progress.adverse financial consequences.Why has it been necessary to create the Collaborativethis first ever industryAs one of your organizations leaders, why are you personally committed to consortium? advancing gender parity in the workplace?The adage what gets measured gets done is particularly relevant to gender parity.For most of my life, I did not take the time to understand there actually could Keeping a continued focus on this and tracking member-companies progress is thebe gender disparity in the workplace. That all changed as a very powerful and recipe for ensuring true progress. Each of us may be passionate advocates for gendermuch more intelligent individual than myself came into my life and educated equity, but the collective commitment and engagement of our companies workingme. That person was my wife, and later in life, my adult daughters. I embarked together is what will create a movement. The value of gender parity is providing moreon a promise to my daughters never to be part of the problem but instead part of the solution. It became personal to me, not because it is the politically perspectives and instilling diversity of thought into our organizations. In similar ways,correct thing or to make the company look good, but because it is the rightthing to do.the diversity of experience within the Collaborative enriches Lundbecks own efforts and empowers us to accelerate gender parity.Companies should always do what is right, Each of us may be passionate advocates forregardless of whether it is profitable or not.gender equity, but the collective commitment andGREG RUSHengagement of our companies working together is what will create a movement.PETER ANASTASIOU20 2021 For more info visit genderparity.HBAnet.org 21'