b' Honorable Mentorscelebrating 20 years ofAllies are known as people who unite for a shared common purpose.As an organization that prides itself on uniting an industry around a purpose, we are equally as proudand humbledby the plethora of gender allies that share our mission.Over the years, we have recognized that these leaders are not just helpful to achieving gender parity, they are essential.- Laurie Cooke, HBA president and CEO Unconscious bias remains one of the biggest challenges to accelerating women in leadership.The first step to overcoming unconscious bias is we all must accept it exists. It is real. - Jacopo Leonardi, 2016When I first came into the industry, the old-boys network was really dominant.I recognize I have a deep responsibilityto not perpetuate that tradition.-Peter Anastasiou, 2019Seize the moment, add your voice toWhen women getthe chorus, becausethe same opportunities nows the time to befor development,that unstoppablethey will do better.United Force forFor this to happen, Change!men must play a more - Nick Colucci, 2018 powerful role.-Ian Clark, 2011 -William Sheldon, 2001It is a managers responsibility to create the best slate for an open role and only interviewing people who raise their hand does not accomplish this. -Michael Kaufmann, 201214'