b'Susan Tor roella2020-2021 STARPRESIDENT AND CEO, ARMADAHEALTHThis years STAR is Susan Torroella, president and CEO of ArmadaHealth, the leader in physician recommendation intelligence provided to employers through its QualityCare Connect SMsolution.For more than 20 years, Susan has been a dedicated HBA volunteer serving on the global board of directors, including as president of the global board in 2010. Having also served on the HBAs advisory board, Council of Chapter Presidents and as a mentor to the HBA Europe region and numerous U.S. chapters, Susan has been instrumental in the growth and impact of the entire HBA organizationparticularly as the founder of HBA Mid-Atlantic, bringing together diverse stakeholders across research, regulatory, device, diagnostics and other healthcare sectors. Susan also led the geographical expansion of the annual HBA Leadership Conferences which are now held across the U.S.16'