b'Honorable MentorsThrough sponsoring, I can help move someone alongwho might initially limit themselves or self-edit. -Brian Goff, 2014People are inclined to mentor or they are not. Some take it to heart and make it a meaningful experience with planned outcomes that you work toward.Mentoring a diverse-Stuart Sowder, 2015leader is a choicea choice I encourage you to make.-Joaquin Duato, 2017 -Mark Swindell, 2010We understand the importance of identifying and cultivating talent and were committed to evolving programs that encourage women to get involved and inspire others. -Leonard Kanavy, 2008PAST HONORABLE MENTORS*2019 Peter Anastasiou, Lundbeck 2008Leonard Kanavy, Genentech, Inc.2018 Nick Colucci, Publicis Health 2007Lonnel Coats,2017 Joaquin Duato, Johnson & Johnson Lexicon Pharmaceuticals2016 Jacopo Leonardi, Baxalta 2006Matthew Emmens,2015 Stuart Sowder, Pfizer Inc. Bristol Myers Squibb2014 Brian Goff, Baxter 2005Mick Mosebrook, Pfizer Inc.2013 Kevin Rigby, Rigby Consulting, LLC 2004David Epstein, Novartis Oncology2012 Michael Kaufmann, Cardinal Health 2003Ronald W. Dollens,2011 Ian T. Clark, Genentech, Inc. Guidant Corporation2010Mark Swindell, Pfizer Inc. 2002Timothy Rothwell,2009Alex Gorsky,Johnson & Johnson Pharmacia Corporation2001William S. Sheldon, Eisai Inc.* List reflects the companies at the time the award was presented. # h b a w o t y 2 1 15'