Woman Of The Year

The HBA’s 28th Woman of the Year event will be held on Thursday, 11 May 2017 to celebrate the achievements of remarkable leaders in healthcare from across the industry.

The HBA Woman of the Year award is a critical element of how the HBA advances our mission. This position serves as a role model for other women to aspire to, as well as for companies to consider how they are supporting the advancement of women within their own organization. It is through the development of women within our healthcare industry that we will move the needle on women’s relevant representation at all levels.

The WOTY may work for a large company, she may be an entrepreneur or she may lead a smaller organization. The common denominator is that she is an inspiration to all because of her leadership style, executive presence and business savvy. Our WOTY is supportive of the HBA and its core purpose to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare. Understanding that the WOTY, as a senior leader in her organization, maintains an extremely demanding schedule, the ideal candidate will be able and willing to provide HBA’s leadership with reasonable access, and is able to commit to:

  • Immediate confirmation of her availability to participate in several preparatory events, including:
    • three preparatory teleconferences prior to the event
    • in-person rehearsal session the afternoon of May 10 at the Hilton NYC
    • invitation-only evening event with past award winners the evening of 10 May in NYC
    • WOTY luncheon on 11 May with receptions pre- and post-luncheon at the Hilton NYC
    • Meet by phone with the HBA CEO and relevant officials within 60 days of award notification and acceptance to discuss her specific areas of interest and involvement with the HBA during 2017
  • Attend the 2017 Annual Conference.
  • Chair and/or sponsor the 2018 advisory board
  • Serve as guest speaker for chapter programs in the year following the WOTY event and high interest in her speaking to groups of all sizes in the years to follow
  • Speak at and/or corporately sponsor a program on her “platform” leadership issue during the 18 months following the WOTY event

Some best practices regarding submission of your WOTY nomination:

  • One or several people may serve as a committee to champion the process to complete the information sheet and collect testimonials from individual direct reports, colleagues, peers and other senior leaders who currently or previously have an established relationship with the WOTY candidate. There is no right or wrong length or format of the submission beyond the need to tackle the following areas of focus for the nominating committee’s evaluation of the WOTY candidate:
    • Testimonials should address the experiences and attributes as well as the impact the WOTY candidate has had on individuals, organizations and the healthcare industry.
    • Letters from multiple sources, levels and other organizations including volunteer roles on non-profit and public agencies which illustrate a broader perspective of the candidate.
    • Proven ability to speak in both large and small audiences where she can motivate and inspire listeners through effective storytelling and thought leadership.
    • Confirmation that she has a compelling personal story that supports her “star power” impact is essential in this role model position.
  • Completed information sheet and supporting testimonials should be submitted together by one individual serving as the key contact to woty@hbanet.org. The HBA will be in touch with the representative nominator during the election process so please provide the nominator contact information on the information sheet.
  • For those who wish to re-nominate a WOTY award candidate, please complete the information sheet confirming and validating the previously submitted nomination letters and references.
  • We are interested in a diversity of candidates so encourage nominations that cover a broad swath including aspects such as geography, industry, company size and functional area.
  • If you have questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Marianne Fray.

For administrative questions write to WOTY@hbanet.org