Annual Report

2013 Annual Report President’s Letter

This year, we have worked together to blaze a new trail for the HBA—one that will test our organization’s boundaries and ensure that we can match what we deliver to the evolving needs of the members and Corporate Partners that support our mission and rely on our incredible network.

By updating our board operating structure, carefully prioritizing our strategies, and engaging across our global and chapter-level teams, we have set in motion the strategic direction for our future.

three pillars


To support these strategic pillars, we developed and readied for launch a new membership and events database. This technology will help support the way we share information, engage with our audiences and reach beyond our current geog- raphies to become a more truly global HBA. We also developed a vibrant Leader- ship Competency Framework that will unify our career enhancement initiatives across the HBA. Finally, we undertook an integrated strategic research initiative to critically evaluate our membership models. This investment will provide a tested foundation to confirm our membership and value proposition for the years ahead.

This year has been one of forward-thinking strategy, disciplined prioritization and deepened integration—all driven by our organization’s passion of delivering value on behalf of our individual and corporate members. As a demonstration of this integration, this report weaves our chapter accomplishments throughout the text. As we continue to test our boundaries and step together into key strategic decisions, I feel such appreciation for everyone involved—from our board to our volunteers to our staff—trailblazers, all.2013 Annual Report Cover

Terri Pascarelli, 2013 HBA president



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