Tomorrow's Executives

Tomorrow’s Executives Gives a Voice for Young Professionals in HBA. 
Let us Empower You.

Who We Are 
The NJ/NY Chapter of Tomorrow’s Executives is the first official chapter for HBA, being officially recognized as an affinity group in 2018.  

What We Do
In the two years we have been active, Tomorrow’s Executives has held events relevant for young professionals. This has grown our group and increased support from senior professionals. 

Why We Do It
Tomorrow’s Executives provides opportunities to those early in their careers (less than 10 years) to actively engage  in their career development.  



Get Involved
HBA Tomorrow’s Executives offers many exciting ways to volunteer to build your network, flex a new skill set, and shape the future of the group. 

Please follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date on upcoming events!

Please reach out to if you are interested in getting involved in the group as a volunteer.