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The HBA Ambassador Program

The solution for HBA corporate partners to accelerate the development, advancement and visibility of their talent pool. 

Available as a benefit to Purple, Gold and Silver HBA corporate partners, this year-long leadership development program will engage 15-30 employees as ‘Ambassadors’. HBA-trained advisors will assist your organization in customizing this self-directed program to corporate goals and the Ambassadors themselves will work on their own individual success metrics as well as various group initiatives for the company. 

This program results in creating a motivated and engaged HBA community inside your organization while giving the individual participants a stronger voice and a platform to move the needle for themselves.

How it works:
Each Ambassador program is provided two dedicated advisors from the HBA and extensive resources from the Global Ambassador Committee. Programs are also directly connected to the local and regional HBA leadership to further enhance the impact on the individual and company.

The HBA advisor and a senior advocate from the company will develop the group of Ambassadors:

  • Each Ambassador must be an HBA member
  • Ideal group size 15-20, for women and men
  • The group can self-select or managers can choose high potential male and female employees
  • Appropriate for any experience level below senior director and above early career
  • Ambassadors are required to commit 3-5 hours per month to the program. Some of this time is during work hours.

What it does:

This grassroots program allows each group to customize both individual and group goals such as: 

  • Individual success metrics to achieve 
  • Providing HBA programming in-house for other colleagues 
  • Offering opportunities for employee connections to other local healthcare professionals
  • Pull-through of high-level company priorities with the HBA, such as:
    • implementation of Gender Parity Collaborative initiatives across the organization
    • expanding HBA participation to new sites
    • connecting colleagues globally
  • Provide access and visibility to internal and external senior executives as speakers, senior advocates, mentors and sponsors
  • Create public speaking opportunities and a visible personal brand for Ambassadors


Since 2012, the HBA Ambassador program has expanded to over 30 company sites across the globe and impacted the development of thousands of individuals.

The end results for the individual are dramatic improvements in self-confidence, personal brand and often promotions.

The end results for the company are improved access to HBA resources, talent retention, connections to internal/external networks and enhancing the company’s reputation for supporting diversity and inclusion.

Please connect with your HBA account manager to learn more and arrange for a consultation or contact HBA’s Ambassador Program global chair, Bonnie Lappin.

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