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Peak Performance

It’s no secret that today’s successful businesswoman is expected to sustain high performance in the face of increasing pressure and rapid change. Many organizations embrace overall fitness and its link to productivity and overall achievement.

The HBA Peak Performance (formerly HBA Fit to Lead) affinity group was established in 2013 to support research linking the relationship between physical fitness and leadership success. It was formed, and is now maintained, by an increasing number of HBA members willing to extend their leadership competencies and strategic network using health, wellness, and personal fitness challenges as a core platform.

Through programs, activities and volunteer opportunities, the group provides a supportive networking environment and unique professional development experiences, helping members make the deliberate connection between improved personal fitness and enhanced leadership confidence and competence.

Core Values
Peak Performance's philosophy is: growth and management from within.

The group works to provide HBA members with a community to foster a culture of both physical and mental wellness to enhance performance and leadership capabilities.

Did you know?
"For girls and women, sport provides the opportunity to experience decision-making, teamwork and self-determination. Sport offers a common ground for all people to share history and support one another." 
— Anita DeFrantz, International Olympic Committee, Member and Chair of IOC's Women and Sport Commission. EYGM 2013.

Peak Performance events complement the existing exceptional programming members come to expect from the HBA and include a wide variety of venues and topics. A few examples include:

  • Panel discussions with senior leaders who have discovered the link between their commitment to fitness/athletics and their professional growth and career success
  • Yoga and mindful meditation build resilience skills to flourish while juggling work and family
  • Multi-sport team events that focus on teaming and collaboration
  • Peak Performance Journey Program – a 6-month program including teleconferences and meet-ups that support each member as they prepare for and complete a significant athletic goal (e.g. completing a triathlon)


Join the Conversation
Join the HBA Peak Performance Community and our HBA Peak Performance LinkedIn Group to connect with other members of the affinity group and learn about events, our annual wellness program, networking opportunities, resources, leadership opportunities, etc. If you would like to learn more, please contact Global Chair Denise Sena.

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