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Powering the Possibilities with Constructive Disruption

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The 2023 Career Conversations series will focus on how leaders can be intentional and deliberate about harnessing the power of constructive disruption to pave the way for women to advance in healthcare, while working collectively to achieve health equity across the globe. Executives will share strategies and promising practices that will inspire leaders at all levels to identify opportunities for disrupting practices that limit inclusive leadership, whether embracing the challenge of navigating new ways of thinking and operating, organizing grassroots efforts in the community, or leading major enterprise-wide initiatives. Each conversation will encourage and challenge leaders to interrupt comfortable routines and take bold moves, big or small, that can spark positive change.

16 March - Career Conversation 38: Dismantling limiting mindsets and narratives to make way for new possibilities

Perhaps the single most important lesson that emerged from the last few years is that the way to move beyond what seem to be impossible circumstances is to challenge assumptions, think outside the box, and experiment with new approaches to problem-solving. To do this requires a growth mindset from the outset and a belief that there is a way to achieve the goals of gender and health equity in spite of the obstacles along the path. This conversation with champions in the healthcare industry will offer insights on how these leaders focused inward to muster the courage to lead important initiatives at their companies by building supportive networks, not allowing others to make them doubt their abilities or significance of their causes, not accepting validation for limiting behaviors, and reframing the "no's" and failures they encountered as "not yet."

15 June - Career Conversation 39: Restructuring to harness the value of inclusive, high-performance teams

Numerous articles and conference sessions focus on the business case for diversity. They cite financial impact, improved decision-making, and more engaged and committed staff, among many other benefits. However, more recent research suggests that the mere existence of diverse teams is not enough to ensure these benefits. According to Robin Ely, the Diane Doerge Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and David Thomas, President of Morehouse College, “what matters is how an organization harnesses diversity and whether it’s willing to reshape its power structure.” In other words, leaders need to see the value of the differences individuals bring to the team and create an environment that supports new ways of leading based on those differences. Panelists will share how they have embraced this challenge and the impact of these efforts on their projects and initiatives.

21 September - Career Conversation 40: Interrupting behaviors and practices that limit innovation

Many are familiar with stories about how certain companies missed the mark on innovation, opening the door to rival companies overtaking their market share. It is easy to see the impact of behaviors and practices that limit innovation as an outsider looking in after the fact. It is far more difficult to look inward to determine if those behaviors and practices are present in teams and individual leadership practices. Through the lens of the healthcare industry, a panel of executive leaders will engage in a discussion about how leaders can make sure they are not left behind as the industry evolves. Collectively, they will share their top ten list of behaviors and practices that limit innovation and offer strategies, based on their own experiences, to avoid these practices so they can power the possibilities.

7 December - Career Conversation 41: Shattering roadblocks to pave the way for advancement

An abundance of research highlights the experiences of women who run into various roadblocks in their journeys to advancement. This includes but is not limited to experiencing exclusionary behavior in the workplace, affinity bias in selection processes for high-visibility projects and positions, and lack of constructive feedback to foster positive growth and professional development. Panelists will discuss how women and allies can shatter roadblocks for women leaders even while pursuing their own advancement opportunities, from serving as mentors and sponsors, to recognizing and calling attention to exclusionary behaviors, to doing a pulse check to make sure their leadership practices are inclusive. A major emphasis will be on the role that all leaders can play, regardless of their position in the company, in creating environments that position women for equitable advancement opportunities.

To suggest future program topics, or to recommend yourself or a colleague as a speaker or panelist on one of the above topics, email Telesia Davis.

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