Career Conversations

HBA’s 2020 Career Conversations
Vision and Visioning

The HBA’s 2020 Career Conversations will convene industry leaders and experts to discuss the importance and impact of vision.

Sessions will be held at noon (ET), on 12 May, 14 July, 8 September and 13 October and will deep dive into the following themes related to vision. Each session will provide timely, relevant content from a subject matter expert, real-world experiences and perspectives from industry leaders and an engaging virtual Q&A with participants.

(CC26) Hindsight is 2020: Making Decisions and Taking Risks – 12 May

Join us for Career Conversation 26 on 12 May, where speakers will discuss:

  • how to set (and reset) goals that will motivate and inspire action
  • the importance of risk-taking early and often in one's career
  • why the best-laid plans are dynamic, evolving as you go and grow
  • embracing failure, and how to learn and grow from the experience

(CC27) The Power of Visualization – 14 July

Join us on 14 July for Career Conversation 27. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • how to utilize the power of visualization techniques to envision success
  • when you see yourself in the driver’s seat you control your destination
  • learning from (impressive) real-world examples of how a vision of success evolves over time when bringing products to market
  • “see it, to be it” and “envision it to embody it” learn how living your vision can inspire others to become their best selves

(CC28) From Vision to Success (for Self and Business) – 8 September

Join us on 8 September for Career Conversation 28 to learn how to make your vision a reality. Our speakers will explain how they have successfully brought their visions to life and help you to:

  • turn your “lightbulb” moments into viable plans
  • pull through a vision from initial ideas through multiple iterations to a success
  • understand how to convert your ideas into a successful reality

(CC29) Giving Voice to Your Vision – 13 October

Bring it all together in Career Conversation 29 on 13 October. On this webinar you’ll learn:

  • how to paint a picture of your vision with words
  • the best ways to communicate your passion effectively
  • tactics for socializing your vision to build commitment and support from your team, your organization
  • a real-world example from SAP America of bringing to life the vision of Diversity & Inclusion becoming part of the DNA of the company

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To suggest future program topics, or to recommend yourself or a colleague as a speaker or panelist on one of the above topics, email Emily Basca.