Affinity Groups

Boost your career by participating in one or more of HBA’s affinity groups. HBA members have the exclusive opportunity to join affinity groups based on their professional need and goals. 

Affinity groups are self-forming communities of HBA members who connect through a common interest, focus or need associated with their career and professional aspirations. Participation in HBA’s career-specific affinity groups grants members access to professional development through networking, education, and career support. 

Participation in HBA’s affinity groups helps members to...

Get Involved
•    Network with like-minded members and HBA chapter members and leaders
•    Gain exposure with volunteer leadership opportunities  
•    Participate in virtual or in-person programs focused on group specific information and education

Build Community
•    Join virtual communities for discussion and career-centric dialogue
•    Build a targeted professional network 
•    Share personal and professional experiences and success stories 

Stay Connected
•    Gain access to key individuals and content for a select slice of the industry 
•    Stay abreast of current trends, innovations and emerging roles and jobs opportunities
•    Establish direct connections to mentors and coaches



Active Affinity Groups:

Entrepreneurs: Supporting women with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop  the capabilities and confidence to become courageous entrepreneurs 

Fit to Lead: Providing a supportive environment to grow leadership skills through fitness activities and programs

HBA iLead: (formerly Women in Healthcare IT) Preparing, enlightening, inspiring and empowering women leaders that are working with data and technology to have an impact. Technology. Empowerment. Impact.  

Tomorrow's Executives: Promoting the professional advancement of young professionals

Women in Science: Providing women in scientific roles with professional support for their career advancement, through interactive, empowering, educational professional development programs, and a platform within the HBA that welcomes and facilitates their effective networking and collaboration

Career Transformations: Providing our members in transition (i.e. out of work, seeking new employment, changing careers/roles or considering making a change) with a network and resources to assist them in their endeavors.

Women of Color: Seeks to leverage HBA’s established principles and structure to further address the racial disparity that continue to hinder the advancement of minority women in the workplace.

Commercial (in development): This affinity group will service the education, networking and career support needs for those in the professions of: marketing, sales, business development, medical affairs, regulatory and corporate development.

Women in Healthcare Give Back: Developing bold and authentic women leaders using giving back to our global communities and purpose-driven programming as a pathway to both growth and social impact

The number and type of affinity groups vary based on interest and demand. Members interested in starting a new affinity group should reach out to Barbara Bull.