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Affinity Groups

Connecting people is what we do best! And the best way to meet like-minded individuals is to participate in one (or more!) of our HBA affinity groups. HBA members have the exclusive opportunity to join, participate in, and collaborate with our affinity groups. 

Affinity groups are self-forming communities of HBA members who connect through a common interest, shared identity, lifestyle, value, or need associated with their career and professional aspirations. Participation in HBA’s affinity groups grants members access to professional development through networking, education, and career support and can provide valuable insight, solutions, and belonging. Imagine walking into a room at a conference where you knew from the onset that everyone there was already your friend!

Participation in HBA’s affinity groups helps members to:

Get Involved

  • Network with like-minded members and HBA chapter members and leaders
  • Gain exposure with volunteer leadership opportunities  
  • Participate in virtual or in-person programs focused on group-specific information and education

Build Community

  • Join a virtual community for virtual discussions and career-centric dialogue
  • Build a targeted professional network 
  • Share personal and professional experiences and success stories 


  • Gain valuable advice and insights from others who have faced similar professional or personal challenges 
  • Celebrate your wins, acknowledgments, and promotions, and uplift others 
  • Enjoy a community of people who see you, hear you, and appreciate you—as you are

Stay Connected

  • Gain access to key individuals and resources 
  • Stay abreast of current trends, innovations and emerging roles and job opportunities
  • Establish direct connections to potential mentors and coaches


Global Affinity Groups

Explore the left-sidebar menu to dig deeper into our current affinity group offerings. The number and type of affinity groups vary based on interest and demand.


Up-and-Coming Communities

Commercial: Providing a platform to engage in discussion on commercial topics and a venue to interact with members with similar interests. Open to all aspiring commercial leaders and professionals interested in commercial topics.

Entrepreneurs: Supporting women with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop the capabilities and confidence to become courageous entrepreneurs. 

Human Resource Professionals: Connecting those who work in the field of healthcare human resources.

LGBTQ+: A safe space for LGBTQ+ identifying professionals in the healthcare industry. 

Men As Allies: Male allies are members who actively promote gender equality and equity in their personal lives and in the workplace through supportive and collaborative relationships and public acts of sponsorship and advocacy intended to drive systemic improvements to organizational culture.

Patient Centricity 

Unison of Faith, Allies, Culture & Ethnicity (U-FACE): A safe space for HBA members to use their voice to discuss the nuances of belonging to ethnic, racial, religious or other minority groups. Together, we work to make positive changes giving everyone the same opportunities for a better career.

Women in Finance: This community provides members with a background and/or interest in finance, a place to network, educate, and grow. In today's tumultuous economic times, women will continue to play a significant role across all spectrums of change, recovery and progress.


Members interested in starting a new affinity group are encouraged to email us.

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