Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups

The HBA offers special interest groups that both meet during events at local chapters as well as network across the entire HBA online.

The two most popular groups are Women in Science and Women in Transition:

Women In Science (WIS)

WIS is dedicated to supporting women scientists in developing a well-rounded complement of research and business acumen that makes for easy transfer across these distinct roles

The group includes women from entry-level positions to executive roles, and includes women with scientific and professional degrees (PhD, MD, RN, RPh). WIS members broadly represent functions including regulatory, biomedical engineering, clinical and basic science research and we work in industry corporations, government, academic research institutions and private firms.

In early 2004, the HBA Boston chapter introduced the WIS concept and formed a committee consisting of women scientists from various companies and professional backgrounds. The Boston chapter WIS committee conducted research on needs and interests of female scientists and utilized these findings to create a business plan, program goals and to launch programming featuring prominent female scientists from the Boston area. In May 2005, the Boston WIS team created and presented a business case to the association board resulting in the establishment of WIS as a core affinity group. 

If you are interested in getting involved, volunteering with a specific chapter, serving in a leadership role, or sponsoring an event, please e-mail us.

Several HBA chapters offer WIS events including: HBA BostonHBA Greater Philadelphia, HBA Mid-AtlanticHBA Metro, HBA Ohio.

Download our WIS brochure.

Women In Transition (WIT)

The Women in Transition Affinity Group assists HBA members during career transition by providing resources and a venue for networking with other like-minded women. The Women in Transition Affinity Group carries out this mission through facilitating opportunities for networking, education, and advocacy.

Several HBA chapters offer WIT events including: HBA Greater Philadelphia, HBA Metro (called Careers in Transition)

Other affinity groups include:

Women in Finance Affinity Group (WIF)

Women in Finance (WIF) seeks to provide members with a background and/or interest in finance, a place to network, educate and grow. In today's tumultuous economic times, women will continue to play a significant role across all spectrums of change, recovery and progress.
The HBA Metro chapter has a WIF group.

Women Healthcare Entrepreneurs Affinity Group (WHE)

The mission of the Women Entrepreneurs Affinity Group (WHE) is to promote knowledge exchange on effective business practices and strategies that maximize the short and long-term success of HBA entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry.
The HBA Metro chapter has a WHE group.

Women in Healthcare Information Technology (WHIT)

The Women in Healthcare IT Affinity Group (WHIT) brings together women with technology backgrounds who work in the healthcare industry.
The HBA Metro chapter has a WHIT group.

Tomorrow's Executives - Young Professionals Affinity Group

The Tomorrow's Executives - Young Professionals Affinity Group is dedicated to providing a supportive environment that encourages the professional development of young women in the healthcare industry.
The HBA Metro chapter has a TE group.

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