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Women in Transition affinity group

About the Women in Transition affinity group
The HBA Greater Philadelphia Chapter was the first to establish a Women in Transition (WIT) affinity group. The group was founded in response to industry downsizing to meet a growing need of the membership, through exchange of information and insights, and by relationship building.

The mission is to assist HBA members during career transition by providing resources, education and a venue for targeted networking. The group offers an intimate setting that promotes discussion and a mechanism for women to share concerns and valuable insights. 

All HBA members, regardless of chapter affiliation, may join the WIT affinity group. The group is comprised of women who are (1) currently in transition, (2) employed and actively or passively seeking new employment, and (3) happy in their current position and want to be a resource to fellow members.

Educational programming focuses on topics related to transition and career development with broad appeal to women at all stages in their careers. Event attendance is limited, thereby creating an interactive environment and excellent opportunity for participants to engage. To learn more about the WIT Affinity Group or join, please send an email to group Chair(s), Lisa Coccia (or Nikky Contractor) at HBAGPWIT@gmail.com with the subject line “New Member.”

Members helping members
Meet some of the members of the WIT Affinity Group who are actively seeking new employment opportunities. If you have an opening to fill, one of these members may be the perfect fit. Their contact information can be found in the HBA membership directory. If you would like to share a posting or job lead with the group, please send it to the WIT Affinity Group Chair(s) at HBAGPWIT@gmail.com with the subject line “Job Posting.”


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