Women in Science

The Women in Science (WIS) affinity group provides scientific women with professional career advancement support, through interactive, empowering, educational, professional development programs and a platform for effective networking and collaboration. WIS in the Mid-Atlantic region includes women scientists in academia, private research institutes, hospitals, and government, as well as companies involved in biopharmaceutical and medical device research and development. The group comprises of a variety of members holding scientific degrees and includes women from entry-level positions to members holding executive leadership roles.

What can WIS do for you?
Fundamental differences exist between the professional development of women in scientific roles, those with scientific backgrounds in non-traditional roles and the general HBA membership; this variety of needs and interests is a trend that is mirrored throughout the healthcare industry. Our WIS events provide an opportunity for women in scientific roles to promote their career paths, develop leadership skills and to provide an environment where women can discuss shared work experiences while utilizing the expertise of members. These events are unique opportunities for effective networking, educational, opportunities and to establish successful collaborations among women in scientific roles in the community.

Our WIS initiative provides empowering and educational professional development programs. WIS programs explore (i) career advancement strategies (e.g. how to expand your scientific training into managerial and leadership roles), (ii) what can be done to address gender disparities in career opportunities and advancement and (iii) how to become an effective leader in your own scientific community.

For more information please contact Tamara Baynham.

Additional resources:
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