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Why We Chose to “Lean In”

As we approach two years since the beginning of the pandemic, the impact on women and their careers is sadly all too clear. The added pressures from working at home while simultaneously managing their family’s care (in many cases with young and school-aged children by their side without proper childcare or school oversight), slowed progress for women in the workplace. Additionally, the effects of isolated remote work have stunted many opportunities for connection, learning and mentorship—invaluable tools to help women achieve their professional goals and advance their careers.  

This session will examine how Real Chemistry, a global health innovation company and leader in data-driven healthcare marketing, technology, and communications solutions, partnered with LeanIn.org to launch a company-wide Lean In Circles initiative late last year to help their women reconnect, learn, grow, and take back their careers. We will also speak to the importance of programs like Lean In Circles under the broader context of the status of women in today’s workplace, with an analysis of the 2021 Women in the Workplace Report produced by McKinsey and Lean In.


Charlene Prounis
, HBA Board Chair Emerita


Jennifer Gottlieb
, President, Real Chemistry

Stephanie Lyle-Brown
, Group Director, Business Affairs, Real Chemistry

Allison Miller
, Team Enablement Manager, Underwriting and Analytics Express Scripts, Cigna

Emma Roberts
, Director of Lean In Circles and Company Engagement, Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation (SGFF)