Who’s Your Champion?

Speaker: W. Brad Johnson, PhD, professor of psychology, department of leadership, ethics and law, United States Naval Academy

Have a mentor? Check. Have multiple mentors? Even better. And now: Who’s your champion?

While definitions of mentorship and sponsorship may vary, sponsorship is characterized by its advocacy role. Sponsors serve as champions, using their status and influence to help protégés gain entry to career-enhancing experiences and raise their visibility even (and perhaps especially) when they’re not in the room. Sponsors put their time, energy and reputational capital on the line in these high-stakes relationships, which can accelerate learning, connections, and careers. Why do they do it? And how do potential protégés find someone who will believe and invest in them?

Join this session to learn more about sponsorship including the key qualities and characteristics to look for in a sponsor and why it’s important to have both male and female advocates in your court. And what’s expected of protégés?
Hear more about how you can make the most of this vital relationship and shine in your sponsor’s eyes.

So…who’s your champion?  


  • Describe specific ways in which sponsors help advance individuals and accelerate career progress
  • Identify the key qualities and characteristics to look for in a potential sponsor, enlisting both male and female advocates
  • Discuss actions you can take to make the most of a relationship with a sponsor including how to shine as their protégé 

Competency alignment:
This seminar complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.
5. Determined to achieve
9. Networks and ethically self-promotes