Volunteer Engagement Committee

The HBA FL adds further professional value to you as a member by offering many experiential leadership opportunities. Make the most of your HBA FL membership and become a volunteer in an area that best suits your skill, personal growth goals and time commitment.

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to collaborate with HBA professional staff and Florida board directors. We are looking for dedicated women who can offer their professional expertise, time and enthusiasm to advance the leadership of women in healthcare.

There are many opportunities to get more involved, so please keep reading to see which opportunities best suits you.

The volunteer engagement committee is responsible for growing the pool of HBA FL member volunteers through prospecting, recruitment and retention efforts. This team has the opportunity to encourage HBA FL members to build their leadership skills and business acumen by getting more involved. Members who join this committee have the opportunity to utilize and grow such skills as “influencing others” and “collaboration.” This committee helps volunteers find their best fit and looks for ways to ensure high volunteer engagement and enhance the overall member experience. Our goal is to create a volunteer experience that is open, welcoming, and demonstrates value to the participant.

Available roles (and responsibilities) within this committee are:

Connectors to Corporate Relations, Marketing, Membership, and Programs

These positions form relationships across committees to understand the different committee goals and ensure they have the volunteers they need. Volunteering here would mean helping with recruiting, engaging and retaining volunteers, providing relevant information and following up with placed volunteers to ensure engagement and project assignment. Time commitment - Four hours per month.

Volunteer Event Coordinator 

This role(s) assist with defining and enhancing the volunteer experience, coordinating the annual volunteer recognition and education events. Develops content for such events collaborates with others to incorporate the needs of other committees (e.g. corporate relations, marketing, membership and programs committees). Time commitment - Four to five hours per month.

Volunteer Assignment Coordinator 

Taking on this role means you act as the volunteer captain for each HBA FL event. Other responsibilities include recruiting, engaging and retaining volunteers and providing then with the required information and forms. Being responsive in a timely manner is important and the time commitment is estimates at six hours per month.

Volunteer of the Month (VOM) Award Coordinator

Works with our connector to get input for future VOMs. This role has the pleasure of reaching out to those recognized to congratulate them, gather information and complete the VOM PowerPoint slide for that event’s presentation. Commitment-Two hours per month.

General and On-Call Volunteers

This “hands-on” role directs attendees at events so that they can make the most of “on-site fulfillment and activities.” If you are keen to assist in a variety of tasks and are open and available for last minute needs and can respond to the occasional “call for help” then this is a great fit for you! . Required skills include: openness and flexibility, sense of adventure, good sense of humor and interest in lending a helping hand.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions please contact Kelli Rodriguez. She is keen to answer any questions you may have and match you to the volunteer experience that right for you.

If you are a company that would like additional information on corporate sponsorship opportunities or information sent to you regarding how the HBA may benefit your organization, please contact Summer Garber or Bonnie Lappin, HBA Florida directors of corporate relations.

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