Time to Unlock Your Mindset: Strategic or Tactical?

Dr. Debamita Chatterjee, consultant, advisor and mentor, healthcare/medtech innovation, tech commercialization and business development

Women – as leaders – need both strategic and tactical mindset. Not necessarily about objectives and goals here but mindset. This is especially relevant post Covid-19 as we pave new paths to walk and new missions to fulfill. Mother Earth has given us humans – and especially women – a fresh ground and a globe “without borders” – to carve out meaningful missions. Dr. Chatterjee will present to you both strategic and tactical keys to unlock the three challenges of the still continuing 2020 global crisis: overcoming uncertainty, building resilience and embracing remote working. Dr. Chatterjee has – under this period – faced, overcame (after iterations) and nurtured these three aspects. How? One such strategy was mentoring healthcare startups and potential tech-crunchers throughout the globe – all collectively and passionately working towards Covid-19 solutions (big or small, high-tech or low-tech, global platform to indigenous solutions, leapy innovations to incremental ones) – many of those startups were beautifully led by women. As the HBA uplifts each other – globally – Dr. Chatterjee believes the mindset strategies and tactics that she will present in this breakout will pave the path to mission of the HBA – especially instrumental in post-Covid-19 era.