The Secrets of Visionary Leaders: How to Ignite New Thinking and More Nimbly Harness Change | HBA

The Secrets of Visionary Leaders: How to Ignite New Thinking and More Nimbly Harness Change

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Tuesday, 1 November | 9AM - 12PM ET
Limited to 175 attendees

 $375/€367 through 15 October
 $425/€416 after 15 October

The world is in constant flux, and the future, as always, is uncertain. In this New Era of Leadership, leaders must inspire new ways of thinking and acting – both in themselves and in others. This program will empower you to transform your thinking from “why we can’t” to “how might we?” 

Harvard instructor and creative-thinking expert Susan Robertson draws on decades of corporate experience, principles of neuroscience, and tools from design thinking. You’ll learn the secrets of re-wiring how you think to unleash a world of new possibility. You’ll understand how to cultivate courage, how to build a climate for visionary thinking, and how to engage teams in innovation and creative problem-solving. You’ll leave with a new leadership vision, renewed enthusiasm for your work, and tangible tools to create more nimble, proactive, and inspired teams. 

This program is for senior leaders who want a proven process, mindset, and toolset to drive visionary thinking and creative problem-solving in any function that requires finding new solutions in an ever-changing world. 

You will learn: 

  • How to create a climate that encourages visionary ideas and creative thinking rather than inadvertently killing them
  • Basic neuroscience principles about why we sabotage ourselves and others when looking for new solutions, and how to overcome these barriers
  • Tangible tools that you can apply immediately, to effectively and efficiently generate new thinking and behaviors — both on your own and with your teams

Workshop Leader

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Susan Robertson
CEO, Sharpen Innovation

Susan Robertson is a world-renowned innovation expert. With over 20 years of academic research and practical application, Susan helps organizations build and harness a culture of innovation to gain competitive advantage and enjoy sustainable success. As a regular lecturer on innovation and applied creativity at Harvard University, she brings a scientific foundation to the application of the development of human creativity. Susan remains on the cutting-edge of discovery in the field and is a well-respected thought leader around innovation and creativity. Beyond academia, Susan’s practical approach to innovation has been embraced by dozens of the largest brands in the world including Georgia Pacific, Kellogg’s, Pepsico, Clorox, Bank of America, Novartis, AstraZeneca, P&G, Wells Fargo, Marriott, Chase, and HGTV. On stages around the globe, Susan inspires audiences to action as a highly sought-after speaker. She delivers energizing and practical insights to fuel change, ignite progress, and drive meaningful impact. She helps audiences sharpen their creativity through rich storytelling, plenty of humor, and a commitment to elevating results. Harvard lecturer.