The Role of Technology in the Future of Health (2040 Perspective)

Hanna Patterson, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting
Robert Kennedy, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting

This session will provide a futuristic and holistic perspective, highlighting the critical role of technology in the delivery of healthcare across healthcare stakeholders in 2040. The presentation will feature perspectives on the role of data and insight generation, novel channels for well-being enablement and care delivery (empowered consumer), and the impact of disruption on supply chain and health financing mechanisms.
 Learning objectives:

  1. Understand how the current healthcare ecosystem will be disrupted and review the new archetypes of business models that will emerge.
  2. Understand the critical role technology will play in enabling this transformation.
  3. Understand the implications of this transformation on existing healthcare business models, and identify opportunities to strategically address and embrace this change.