The HBA NY/NJ region executive women’s breakfast (EWB) series

About the Executive Women’s Breakfast Series

You’ve earned a place at your organization’s table—now join ours. The executive women’s breakfast series (EWB) brings together senior women leaders in an open and supportive environment for networking and learning. At our interactive and engaging morning events, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas, insights, information and experience with your peers regarding the challenges of executive-level leadership in the healthcare industry. Only the HBA NY/NJ region and the EWB Series offer access to such a unique group of individuals.Benefits of the Executive Women’s Breakfast Series

Many executive women tell us it's difficult to find a forum that provides access to other women in leadership where they can discuss issues and topics that will help their businesses and careers thrive. The NY/NJ regionEWB Series provides that forum. Nowhere else can you find a dynamic group of executive women in your industry to talk openly with about the topics that matter the most to you. EWB series events allow executive women to share their insights, to learn from one another, and to give back all at the same time. Designed with executive-level needs and objectives in mind, the EWB Series offers:

  • Morning breakfast events—to fit your busy schedule
  • Relevant and informative program topics—targeted for executives
  • Interactive and engaging formats—for deeper exchange among peers
  • Post-meeting summary documents—to capture key learnings at each event for future reference
  • Special promotional opportunities—so you can invite an eligible colleague to share the experience at no cost 

Eligibility for the Executive Women's Breakfast series

The EWB series is sponsored by the HBA NY/NJ region and is open, by invitation only, to select levels of executives in the healthcare industry. To be eligible to participate in EWB events you must be currently (or, for those in employment transition, most recently) employed at either:

  • A healthcare manufacturing company (of any size) in the role of: chairman, president, EVP, SVP, VP, AVP, executive director, senior director or equivalent
  • An agency or other service provider firm (with 15+ full-time employees) in the role of: chairman, president, partner or managing director or equivalent

If you wish to request a review of your eligibility and/or a colleague’s eligibility to join the EWB mailing list, click here to complete a request form. (Note for executive women in employment transition: when completing the request form, please indicate the title of your most recent position, as your eligibility for EWB participation will be determined based on that title. If authorized for EWB participation, you will have access to the EWB series events for a full year. This gives you the opportunity to leverage the expertise and networking support of the EWB community to facilitate your transition to new employment.)

Executive Women’s Breakfast series content archive

Did You Know EWB events archive content is available online?
You don’t have to be eligible to attend the EWB events to benefit from their content. EWB event content is accessible to both EWB participants and other professionals viewing HBA’s web site. Valuable information and summaries of past events are available for you to review and download.

Click here to view and download content from previous EWB events.

Executive Women’s Breakfast series testimonials

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