The Five Decision-Making Secrets: Surprising, Unorthodox Approaches to Lead in a Dynamic Environment

Michael Veltri, chief leadership officer, East-West Leadership Development, Inc.   

Why do some healthcare professionals fail while others thrive? Because the best healthcare leaders have a decision-making system to help them and their teams avoid and conquer common decision-making traps while successfully leading in dynamic, fast-paced environments. From life or death decisions on the battlefield to the boardroom, Michael Veltri draws on his background as a resilient cancer survivor, battle-hardened business executive, and decorated US Marine veteran to teach healthcare professionals better decision-making skills that deliver stunning results. His inspiring presentation delivers practical knowledge and tools that can be used immediately to increase productivity and fuel inject career satisfaction.

Learning objectives:

  1. Master the five most powerful decision-making solutions to lead in a dynamic environment.
  2. Avoid and conquer the five biggest decision-making traps that stifle career progress, innovation and creativity.
  3. Build a healthcare culture that celebrates fresh thinking and embraces new decision-making methods.