Squirrel! Getting and Keeping the Attention of Today's Listeners

Patricia Scott PhD, president and CEO, Uhmms, LLC   

More effective and efficient communication leads to better collaboration and peer interaction. Communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership. If you cannot get your message across clearly and concisely, it is difficult to lead others and impact decision-making. Participants in this highly-interactive course will learn how to be persuasive in short segment communication by gaining an understanding of how to apply the five essential elements of persuasion to various business settings. Since most of today’s interaction is in short time frames, not long presentation format, we will be practicing the art and science of short, persuasive messages.

Learning objectives:

  1. Apply persuasive communication elements to everyday business situations to make messages more effective and efficient.
  2. Deliver messages based on persuasion theory, using both basic and advanced techniques of persuasive structure, storytelling and effective data transfer.
  3. Understand how to deliver messages based on the five essential elements of persuasion.