Speak to be Heard: The Principles of Presence, Why It Matters, and How the Rules are Wrong

Speaker: Chiara Motley, lead executive coach, GK Training and Communications

Do you struggle to insert your opinion or voice into conversations or meetings? Do you lack strategies to project confidence in public speaking situations? Or do negative habits like rambling, vocal filler or vocal fry undermine the presence you’d like to project? If any of these challenges feel familiar, this breakout is for you. 

The physical art of spoken communication affects the thousands of daily interactions we all have that determine the trajectory of our careers. Ever find yourself in a situation where you couldn’t think of what to say? Being at a loss for words or repeatedly saying “um” often has more to do with what your breath and body are doing than what your mind is (or is not) thinking.

Join this engaging, participatory session to find out how to change negative communication habits with simple, actionable and repeatable techniques that will help you come across better in any situation. Using a variety of tools and kinesthetic activities, you will learn how to project confidence, authority and credibility even when you don’t feel that way. 


  • Project more confidence in what you’re communicating, regardless of how you’re feeling
  • Use kinesthetic learning tools to dynamically alter negative communication patterns
  • Prime your voice and body to communicate powerfully

Competency alignment:
This seminar complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.
4. Displays professional presence 
2. Communicates effectively