SOBERING STATS FROM WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE 2018 The gap between men and women widens at each step up the corporate ladder. And while healthcare offers a more positive picture at the lower rungs, women still face a steep drop-off at the executive level. WOMEN CURRENTLY MAKE UP: AND, if companies continue hiring and promoting women at the same rates, women in management will increase JUST 1% OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS. 48% of entry-level workers overall (63% in healthcare) 38% of managers overall (58% in healthcare) 34% of senior managers/directors overall (50% in healthcare) 29% of VPs overall (42% in healthcare) 23% of SVPs overall (31% in healthcare) 22% of C-suite leaders overall (25% in healthcare) let's unleash our collective potential to transform healthcare AND THE HONOREES ARE... Find out on 7 January when the HBA announces the 2019 Woman of the Year, Honorable Mentor and STAR honorees THIS GAP ISN’T DUE TO WOMEN OPTING OUT…  Women and men leave their companies at the same rate—and only 2% of women who do leave say they’re doing so to focus on family.  Women report negotiating for a raise or promotion as often as men. BUT CORPORATE CULTURE AND PERCEPTIONS DO CONTRIBUTE…  Women report receiving less support from managers and less time with senior leaders— 2 known drivers of workplace advancement.  64% of women experience microaggressions at work—and are 2X as likely as men to be mistaken for someone more junior.  55% of senior women leaders report they’ve been sexually harassed.  1 in 5 women reports being the only woman or one of the only women in the room at work.  Only 1/3 of companies have diverse groups of employees interview job candidates.  About half of all employees say their company prioritizes gender diversity—and the percentage of companies naming gender diversity a priority went down this year. HBA GENDER PARITY COLLABORATIVE’S FOUNDING MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS