We discover and develop innovative medicines and diagnostic tests to help people live better, longer lives. At Roche, we work with a purpose. RADICAL HOSPITALITY | PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT | BUSINESS GROWTH | INCLUSION Each year, Graphis Branding competitions select and honor “the very best of the best” design work from around the world. The Graphis competitions are internationally known and one of the more prestigious design awards to receive—thanks to the care and impeccable taste the work is judged with. Graphis is committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in design, advertising, photography and art/illustration. Selected from a pool of more than 400 entries, the HBA’s United Force for Change brand was awarded a silver Branding7 award, which highlights the best brand identities in the world. And in the Design Annual competition, the brand also received a silver award for best graphic design work for the year. The HBA brand will be featured in both the Branding 7 Annual book and the Design Annual 2019 book, as well as being part of the online archive at Graphis. These awards reinforce our commitment to capture the attention of the healthcare and life-science industry and make our voices heard in the fight for gender parity.  Winner Winner TheHBAbrandpicksup twomoredesignawards The HBA’s United Force for Change brand has been recognized with two more prestigious design awards— a silver 2019 Graphis Design award and a silver Graphis Branding7 award. 34  | HBAdvantage