[Season] [Year]  |  23 22  | HBAdvantage Winter 2018  |  23 RADICAL HOSPITALITY | PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT | BUSINESS GROWTH | INCLUSION Shelley Snow, president, regional marketing and communications council, HBA Pacific region, shares her perspective on the 2018 Leadership Summit. I found the functional reviews, especially the 2019 strategic plan update from the executive committee, very valuable. Having a good understanding of the plan will enable the regions to align their 2019 plans to the broader strategic plan. Laurie Cooke shared that this is the first time in her tenure the executive committee has focused on 3-5 years out – music to my marketing ears. The sessions with our functional partners and our regional board of directors was time well spent. The exercises identified challenges and opportunities that were collected. It’s always great to be heard. Outputs and actions as a result of these small group sessions will be essential to our success in 2019. It was great to be able to share in our colleagues’ successes during the awards dinner. 2018 HBA Leadership Awards 2018 HBA Chapter Excellence Award HBA Northern Chicago chapter for excelling in an area of chapter operations that exceeded the HBA’s membership and/or financial targets and chapter’s own expectations during 2018. 2018 Regional Excellence Award HBA Pacific region for excelling in an area of regional operations that exceeded the HBA’s membership and/or financial targets for region and chapters within their region. 2018 Innovation Award Dagmar Albers, Entrepreneur affinity group, HBA Europe region, whose idea has turned into a replicable offer and value to the HBA. 2018 HBA Chair Award Liz Paulson, who has exemplified effective leadership and dedication to the mission of the HBA and has had a measurable impact on the HBA organization, members and/or corporate partners during 2018. 2018 HBA Advocate Award Amy Turnquist, HBA Philadelphia chapter, for her unwavering commitment to promote the HBA and her dedication to advancing gender parity in our workforce. HBA’s regional leaders convened for their first annual meeting post the 2018 roll out of HBA Now (formerly known as HBA Next) to share lessons learned and recommendations for improvement as the HBA contin- ues its global growth in 2019 and beyond. The day began with an overview of HBA’s 2019-2021 strategic plan and a “state of the HBA” from current board chair Shannon Resetich. Board treasurer Simona King proudly shared a list of 2018 accomplishments that includes reaching the 10,000 member milestone, debut of the Gender Parity Collaborative and global adoption of the HBA Now operating model. Incoming 2019 board chair Rebecca Vermeulen expressed the global board’s appreciation of all the volunteer lead- ers—nearly 400 in all—who are committed to advanc- ing HBA’s mission and working to support members locally and regionally. As part of a leadership development opportunity, mindfulness expert Susan O’Connor, CEO and business strategy consultant at PranaHealth Strategies LLC, a former executive at Pfizer, led the group through sev- eral practical exercises as she shared her approach on how to balance personal well-being with the demands of hectic work life. HBA staff presented updates on 2019 budgeting, the HBA Global Chair Committees, and the HBA Ambassa- dor program (for purple and gold corporate partners) before attendees moved into breakout sessions. First by functional areas during which leaders from across the regions shared issues, suggestions and best practices with their peers, followed by breakout time with colleagues in their region. The day concluded with the 2018 Leadership Awards program (see sidebar) recognizing the stellar work of chapters, regions and individuals who have made an impactful difference in the HBA community.  HBA’s Senior Leaders take noteof 2018 and Plan for a Successful 2019