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Global Programming

As today’s leaders work together on initiatives for equal pay, conquering unconscious bias and closing the gender gap, tomorrow’s leaders need to prepare for what comes next. This series, presented by the HBA’s affinity group Tomorrow’s Executives, seeks to provide tools and tactics for young professionals to grow as leaders and get ahead in incorporating gender parity into their everyday work culture.  Sign up today


New England 2019

Banishing Workplace Burnout in Our Hyper-Connected Culture with Amma Marfo

NY/NJ 2019

Keep an eye out for updates on our events for next year. 

Below are some of the programming we had during 2018:

  • Happy hour with a twist: Diana Galer, confidence mini talk
  • FitToLead Collaboration: (Rock) climbing to success
  • Happy hour with a twist: Social September with two savvy social media mavens
  • Confidence: The secret sauce with Diana Galer
  • Perspectives: Conversation between young professionals and senior leaders


Perspectives: A conversation between young professionals and senior leaders


Confidence: The secret sauce

Social September

Happy hour with a twist