Reception at City Museum

Reception on Thursday, November 3 

Get ready to explore the quirky and the unexpected at St. Louis’ most unusual museum. Located just a few blocks from the St. Louis Convention Center, this artsy warehouse of wackiness is located inside what once housed the world’s largest shoe manufacturing operation. Exhibits inside this you’ve-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it facility include man-made caves, a walkthrough whale, multi-story slides, an architecture museum, an in-house circus and lots of art made from recycled materials. On the roof you will find MonstroCity, a combination tree-house/playground/jungle gym, along with a ferris wheel towering over the city streets.

Be ready to climb, slide and play:
Plan ahead when packing for the conference. Be ready to transform yourself from your polished business look into your casual, comfortable persona ready to slide down a slide and network in a jungle gym.