Pre-conference seminars

We're thrilled to respond to your requests for more in depth, interactive sessions by offering three pre-conference seminars on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 2  from 1:30 – 4:30 PM. Each seminar offers a bonus pre-seminar assessment to offer you individual feedback in order to make this a personal and rewarding experience.

You must be a conference attendee to participate. Additonal fee applies. Limited seats available.

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P1. Grow, Flex, Thrive: Activating Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Jennifer Hall, PhD
, co-author, Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile
Kristin Risi, PhD, assistant dean, Corporate and Executive Education, Drexel University, LeBow College of Business
Martina Bison-Huckaby, director, Center for Executive Education, West Virginia University, College of Business and Economics

Objectives - After participating in this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify seven personality characteristics and seven skills uniquely associated with entrepreneurs
  • Apply the results of your Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™ (EMP) assessment report to your current professional role and future career goals
  • Use the provided EMP Development Guide to leverage your unique strengths and bolster developmental areas

Audience - This interactive seminar will benefit current/future entrepreneurs as well as “intrapreneurs” — those who contribute, or who wish to develop, these valuable skillsets within their corporate or organizational settings.

Description - The characteristics and skills demonstrated by entrepreneurs aren’t just needed in start-up environments; they’re needed in all corporate settings to help organizations compete — to grow, flex and thrive—in today’s challenging business climate. In this session, you will explore 14 dimensions linked to entrepreneurial mindset — seven personality characteristics and seven skills — and review the results of your personal EMP report, with the goal of identifying both strengths and areas for further development. Discuss your findings with fellow participants in small groups, applying these insights to your current professional role and future career goals. Each participant receives a personalized 60+-page Development Guide to deepen, apply and operationalize takeaways from their results.

Course fee includes

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™ (EMP) assessment (taken online prior to the conference)
  • Printed report summarizing your EMP results
  • 60+-page EMP Development Guide
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P2. Confidence When It Counts

Presenter: Sharon Melnick, PhD, CEO, Horizon Point, Inc.

Objectives - After participating in this session, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate confidence and composure, even when dealing with intimidating people or being questioned by senior leaders
  • Use communication strategies to mitigate social penalties (bias) associated with leadership behaviors and their effects on confidence and the ability to influence
  • Apply practical tools to help you shift from self-critical to self-confident in key situations where your reputation is formed

Audience - This interactive seminar is for those who seek to develop, deepen or regain their confidence as a step to gaining increased responsibilities, elevating their leadership profile and making a greater professional impact.

Description - In women, confidence has been shown to be an even greater predictor of career success than competence. What undermines confidence? Self-doubt/self-criticism and the corrosive effects of bias are major contributors. Whether your current level of confidence is low or high, this session will help you position yourself as a “go-to leader” for next-level opportunities.

Start by taking a “Confidence Type” assessment prior to the conference, so you understand the strengths and opportunities in your current approaches. Learn three confidence-related skillsets that position you to be at the top of the list for next-level opportunities, how to speak up without hesitation (instead of worrying about how senior leaders will evaluate you), how to gain the confidence of senior leaders (so you are asked for your voice at the table), how to leverage perfectionistic tendencies to build a personal brand and show your strategic thinking, methods to shift away from criticism, of yourself and others, and acknowledge recognition, how to act fearlessly and get to the root of problems (so people view you as a leader) and how to enhance your executive presence by staying poised and remaining fact-based.

Course fee includes

  • Confidence Type assessment (taken online prior to the conference)
  • Sharon’s new book, “Confidence When It Counts: Rise Above Self-Criticism and Bias to Make Your Mark.”

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P3. Building Relational Capital

Presenter: Ed Wallace, president and chief relationship officer, Relational Capital Group; executive education faculty, Drexel University, LeBow College of Business

Objectives - After participating in this session, you will be able to:

  • Define relational capital and discuss how it can enhance individual and organizational competitiveness
  • Describe and apply Relational GPS® to advance every business relationship
  • Use the Relational Ladder® process to prioritize, measure and enhance your key business relationships
  • Apply a concept-to-action roadmap to track actions and measure results

Audience - This seminar is for external and internal client-facing professionals who seek to transform contacts and acquaintances into valuable assets using the power of relational capital.

Description - Relational capital is the distinctive value created by people in a business relationship. It has been designated as the “newest differentiator” of competitiveness by The World Economic Forum.

This seminar focuses on building relational capital in ways that can be leveraged to increase revenue and/or profitability. In this lively and interactive session, you will identify and assess your most important business relationships and then, using the Relational Ladder® process, develop a plan to strengthen and enhance these relationships, creating relational “capital gains” with every business contact. Develop new skills and strategies to improve relationships with clients, vendors and colleagues. To ensure accountability, a concept-to-action roadmap will be introduced to help you track actions and measure results as you apply these practical principles in your own professional setting

Course fee includes

  • Assessment (taken online prior to the conference)
  • Ed’s new book - The Relationship Engine: Connecting with People Who Power Your Business
  • Certificate of participation from Drexel University, LeBow College of Business

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