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Pacific Region

HBA Pacific Regional Group Mentoring Program

2020 program closed. Registration for 2021 will open on 4 January.

If you’re an industry leader – or want to become one – here’s your chance. Join us and become one of the over 1,000 women who have connected, shared and grown together tackling workplace challenges, setting career goals for tomorrow and taking real steps to achieve a difference in their careers, lives and industries. 

The HBA Pacific group mentoring program offers the following choice of locales for in-person meetings of mentoring groups:

  • East Bay - San Francisco Bay
  • South Bay - San Francisco Bay
  • Peninsula - San Francisco Bay
  • San Francisco - San Francisco Bay
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • Seattle, WA

This is a members-only program.

What makes the HBA Mentoring program unique?

  • Our mentoring circles are small groups that typically include 2 mentors and 4-6 mentees.  This unique structure allows all members to learn from one another in a smaller, confidential setting.
  • Mentoring circles meet face-to-face and, in some cases, virtually, depending on the needs of individual circle members.
  • Our mentors are senior-level professionals spanning various health care industries. 
  • Mentees drive the content discussed in each circle.  As a result, each circle is tailored to each group’s development needs.
  • Mentoring circles provide all participants with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, set and achieve professional/career goals and engage with a wide network of peers and mentors.

Other Ways to Get Involved in the Mentoring Program (Outside of Becoming a Mentor/Mentee)
Become a connector: Mentoring connectors stay in touch with participants, share resources and best practices, help resolve rising issues as needed and collect feedback on the program experience. Connectors attend all the mentoring program events for free. Past mentees or mentors make particularly good connectors.  

Join the Mentoring Program Committee: This leading-edge, high energy committee is a great group with which to learn more about mentoring, take a leadership role, share your expertise and enjoy working with other women who are “paying it forward.” Many roles are available with varying time commitments. 

Email us to get involved as a connector or a committee member. We look forward to sharing this special journey with you.

Christine Farmer, mentoring director