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<p>2008: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Women’s Initiatives – EWIN/WIL</p>

2008: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Women’s Initiatives – EWIN/WIL

In 2008 Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) was honored with the HBA Ace Award for the depth, breadth and global reach of its women's leadership programs — headquarters-based Empowering Women to Impact Novartis (EWIN) and its field force counterpart, Women in Leadership (WIL). EWIN, marking its fifth anniversary, and WIL, looking ahead to its 10th, began as grass roots initiatives, gaining the support of executive management and becoming part of the corporate culture as they grew. The judges saw the involvement of top-level executives and the accompanying commitment of funding, time and executive resources as critical to success. A key factor in the award was the incorporation of diversity benchmarks into the NPC performance management system.