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HBA Houston – Driving Conversations That Impact Your Career

How are you driving your career to achieve your career goals?

HBA Houston enjoyed an interactive and practical career conversation presented by Scott Tinkel, Director, Field Leader Development, Commercial Learning and Development at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Those who attended gained actionable strategies, insights, and tools to drive conversations in the pursuit of their own career paths and long-range journeys.

Scott defined career conversations as “conversations designed to guide the future of an individual’s working life.” These conversations define what you care about the most and help facilitate the general direction of your career while encompassing the power to make you feel more satisfied in your role — regardless of your professional aspirations.

These ongoing conversations may be with your current leader, colleagues, mentors, leaders in other departments, or others with more life experiences.

During his discussion, Scott shared practical advice and steps to position yourself as the driver in your journey to achieving your career goals. He also provides three critical questions that everyone should pose and answer to take ownership of their career path:

  1. What energizes you? What are your passions, strengths, and interests?
  2. What are your career aspirations? Think long-term – what will your role be on the day you retire?
  3. Have you taken a deeper dive?

In order to progress in the direction of your long-term career dreams, what knowledge do you need? What experiences should you have? What competencies do you need to possess?

Scott reminded all that attended that because conversations that drive your career can happen at any time, you should always be prepared. Understand your real motivations, be clear about your objectives/aspirations, and be open to opportunities outside the self-defined options in your career journey.

If you play an active role in initializing and driving ongoing career conversations, you will be more engaged, more productive, and more likely to achieve your career aspirations. Click here to connect with Scott Tinkel on LinkedIn or learn more about his professional journey.

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