The HBA’s Women in Healthcare Give Back Affinity Group Announces 2022 Program During Free Transformational Leadership Webinar | HBA

The HBA’s Women in Healthcare Give Back Affinity Group Announces 2022 Program During Free Transformational Leadership Webinar

The HBA's Women in Healthcare (WIH) Give Back affinity group hosted a webinar about transformational leadership on 13 Oct 2021. Transformational leadership is a leadership style that enables positive change in individuals and social systems. It inspires people to achieve unexpected or remarkable results that can better themselves, the people they touch, the organizations they work for, and make the world a better place.

Brenna Turner, VP Product Development, Clin Ops, Genentech, introduced the event and focused on the HBA's WIH Give Back’s mission and 2021 program with Project C.U.R.E. Baret Walker, Executive Director, Project C.U.R.E. spoke about Project C.U.R.E to the attendees. Watch this video to learn more about the organization. She also highlighted the strong impact the HBA's WIH Give Back had on supporting Project C.U.R.E.’s global mission for public health in 2021 through procurement of medical supplies and equipment for low-resource countries. 

Jane Werling, Sr Director Pharmaceutical Development, Baxter, then led a lively panel discussion between Karen Etchberger, Head of I&T Operational Excellence, CSL, Rich Hutchinson, Senior Partner and Lead Social Impact Practice, Boston Consulting Group, and Loddie Foose, Sr Director, Distributor and Emerging Markets, Seqirus and Global Chair HBA WIH Give Back. Some of the discussion centered on the importance of developing and communicating a “big vision”, and inspiring others towards something bigger than ourselves. Perspective and resilience also arose as key topics, for example, how developing a global community like the HBA's WIH Give Back isn’t “pushing a boulder up a hill” but instead “building a rocketship to explore” exciting new places. Another fun analogy was about how visioning and creating the HBA's WIH Give Back organization was like making a delicious soup - you have added so many great ingredients with so many great women and you think there is no way it could get more delicious and yet more women continue to join, adding something else with their skills and ideas - and BAM - it is even more delicious. The information shared by the leaders during the panel discussion gave us actionable, impactful insight into how to strengthen our transformational leadership.

The program concluded with an introduction of the 2022 Global Program: Amplify Your Impact, a collaboration between HBA's WIH Give Back and Women Deliver, a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. This program will give team members an opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills while working with a passionate global network of like-minded leaders who want to drive a positive impact for communities. Teams will be designing virtual events on gender equality highlighting a local non-profit(s) or a panel of experts and creating a video showcasing the event. The HBA and Women Deliver will spotlight select event videos that teams create.

The HBA's WIH Give Back program supports our volunteers through the development of an inspiring network, Leadership Fireside Chats exclusively designed for volunteers, quarterly awards and celebration webinars to highlight the impact of top volunteers, and leadership development opportunities in a supportive network of amazing women leaders. Ours is a journey of purpose, growth, and joy.

We welcome you to learn more and join our community.

Let’s give back together, grow together, lift the world together.

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