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HBA Europe Celebrates 1500th Member

HBA Europe has reached a milestone in reaching its 1500th member. Her name is Bahaa Salem, she immediately took a volunteer role to actively contribute to the HBA mission. In this article Sabine Bernotat-Danielowski, President Member and Volunteer Experience, speaks with her about what motivates and drives her.

Why did you join HBA Europe? 

The healthcare organizations driven to serve a noble cause will greatly benefit from ensuring safe, inclusive and equitable workplaces for its human capital to bring innovative treatments forward to help patients. However, in my opinion, there is a serious disconnect between what is told through media channels by some companies and what is experienced by their workforce from the diversity. Why is this significant gap still existing in the 21st century? Therefore, joining HBA Europe appeared to me as a great opportunity where we can support each other by sharing ideas and making suggestions, mentoring to accelerate concretely diversity, inclusion, and equity in workplaces.

What inspires you?

I am passionate about drug discovery and development and bringing forward innovative treatments to improve patients’ lives, for a healthier world. This passion drives me to be greatly curious of new technologies and novel approaches, persistent and resilient when facing challenges in science. 

What does a United Force for Change mean to you?

A shared vision unites people towards the same goals to make a difference. This raises a greater awareness about the enrichment brought by diversity in organizations and provide benefits in generating a win-win situation for employees and employers. The topic of diversity, inclusion and equity has been talked about for more than 10 years. What is the current status?

What change do you aspire to bring to the world?

My core purpose is ultimately to impact and transform patients’ lives, for a healthier world. When building up innovation and delivering solutions to serve patients, every voice should feel safe to express different ideas and be heard. I aspire for more work environments where talented women and diversity will sit at the table where decisions are made, without stigmatisation and asymmetry. 

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