DeAnna Steiger is the new HBA Pacific Region, President of Education and Events | HBA

DeAnna Steiger is the new HBA Pacific Region, President of Education and Events

I want to share that DeAnna Steiger will be our new HBA Pacific Region Programming President, Education and Events. DeAnna comes into this role more than highly qualified after four years as the Programming Director at Large for HBA Los Angeles. I will work with Shelley to have DeAnna added to our regional calls and regional community.

DeAnna Steiger, PhD, is a business-savvy scientist. DeAnna is currently the Director of Strategic Planning and Operations within Amgen's Neuroscience Business Unit where she leads brand strategy and execution oversight to the company's first commercial neuroscience asset.

Summing up DeAnna's career trajectory is simple: DeAnna builds businesses. She began her career as a startup consultant advising entrepreneurs on commercialization potential and has been building ever since. Since joining Amgen in 2013, she has worked in business development, R&D for first-in-class assets, and currently in the U.S.commercial business. DeAnna is both motivated and motivating, which is why she is frequently recruited to lead her company's highest-profile programs. She is fascinated by the complexity of the healthcare industry and thrives where business and science intersect.

In addition to her role at Amgen, DeAnna has taken key leadership positions within the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association. As the Director at Large of Programming for HBA Los Angeles, she cultivated business partnerships tailored to the LA healthcare ecosystem and presented programming on the industry's most pressing topics. In addition to speaking on business topics within the Los Angeles region, DeAnna has also been a sought-after presenter on the national stage. Because of this, DeAnna was awarded the HBA Marie Curie award for Innovation in 2020 and, most recently, the HBA Legacy award for her multiple years of leadership service.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I am excited to get started in this new role. I’ve provided the relevant info below, let me know if you need more/less or want to chat. Thanks so much. I look forward to continuing to advance innovative content and events focused on our industry’s most pressing topics.” - Deanna

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