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Our Corporate Partners - The Backbone of Our Chapter

HBA Berlin is very proud of its long-lasting and trustful partnerships with key leading pharma companies that are based in the German capital, especially Pfizer, Sanofi, and Takeda. Bayer just recently joined as an official HBA Corporate Partner. 

We asked our partners why diversity and gender equality play an important role in their company's corporate culture and what they value most in their partnership with our chapter. 

Yvonne Martins (Sanofi) told us:
The implementation of gender balance and gender diversity at Sanofi is not an end in itself. It is an expression of the recognition that diverse teams make better decisions and achieve better results. And if women represent 50 percent of the population, then they should also be 50 percent represented in leadership positions: this is the only way we pave the road for innovation and change.  

HBA Berlin offers a unique variety of opportunities to network and exchange on a professional and a personal level amongst leading pharma companies. The level of drive is high!.     
Martin Fensch (Pfizer) is of the opinion that…
A common argument for diversity and equality is this: They increase productivity in the workplace, foster a creative and constructive environment and empower employees to contribute with their skills,  different ways of thinking, knowledge, and experiences. While I know this to be true, I consider diversity and equality values in their own right. They are an expression of universal human rights and need to be deeply rooted in a company’s culture. Let us stop to justify diversity and equality, just make it happen.       
Nicole Schlautmann (Pfizer) actively supports HBA Berlin: 
Only through a culture that accepts every individual for who they are, can we fully embrace each other’s strengths and ideas. We must foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable to “bring themselves to work” without leaving parts of themselves at home. This allows us to innovate and – as has been proven numerous times now – be at maximum productivity.

Together with the HBA Berlin, we are able to drive change towards an integrative culture welcoming every colleague for who they are across the limits of our own company.  

Heidrun Irschik-Hadjeff (Takeda) personally drives D&I initiatives at Takeda:
End of April was Takeda’s global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)week. Creating an inclusive and equitable work environment where each person contributes with their individual strengths is of great importance at Takeda, also to me personally. Critical for that are in first line unconscious bias. Why? Unconscious bias could be crucial factors in being supportive or only showing support. That’s why we have a strong focus on understanding and addressing unconscious bias in our organization. Thus in order to create an organization that is always supportive of individuals and minority members. By the way, it is important to regularly challenge yourself, especially when you lead others, on conscious as well as unconscious biases.

Actively supporting and creating a positive environment to pursue individual life and career goals, it is helpful to have other allies or to be an ally yourself. At Takeda, we are therefore open to supportive networks and encourage such engagement to address related DE&I topics. We have successfully implemented initiatives with the HBA - specifically Takeda in Germany with HBA Berlin. Our latest example is an external event on “Unconscious Bias”. We set a focus on Unconscious Bias and "allyships" now and in future to support an inclusive and equitable working environment.

"At Takeda we value ALL talent. We believe human beings are created equal and are born with unique talent. We also believe all human beings have a right to equal opportunity in living their potential. We hold ourselves accountable to welcome diversity of thought and cherish speak up culture.“ Heidrun Irschik-Hadjeff

HBA Berlin is constantly growing, and our aim is to cooperate with more pharmaceutical companies that are based in Berlin. In addition to sponsoring one corporate event per year, our partners support the work of the HBA offering internal Diversity & Inclusion programs that perfectly interconnect with the work we are doing. That said, we believe that we can have a significant impact together and drive the cultural change in the pharmaceutical business on gender parity – and pave the way for more talented women in leadership positions in healthcare. 

Join us on our mission. Become a new corporate partner.